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Rose Bushes

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Rose Bushes: Growing Roses and More

Months of carefree color on an easy-growing silhouette: Our Rose Bushes are second to none! And when you order your Rose Bushes from Fast Growing Trees, you get month after month of hardy, carefree blooms in a rainbow of colors you'll love for your homescape.

How to Plant Rose Bushes

Specific planting directions will depend on the Rose Bush you choose, from the Knock Out® and beyond, but most roses like full to partial sun (3 to 6 hours of sun per day) and well-drained soil.

When you're ready to plant your Rose Bushes, dig a hole large enough to accommodate your shrub's root ball (with some room to grow), place your rose and backfill the soil. Finally, water the surrounding soil to settle the roots.

How to Care for Rose Bushes

Long-term care for your Rose Bushes couldn't be simpler. Generally, we recommend watering once or twice weekly, but if you’re not sure when to water, check your surrounding soil about 2 inches down for your Rose Bushes for dryness.

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