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Braided Benjamina Ficus Tree Ficus benjamina

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  • 3 Gallon (3-4 ft. tall) Ficus in Standard Pot
  • 3-4 ft. Braided Benjamin Ficus Tree in a 3 Gallon Brown Delilah Pot
  • 3-4 ft. Braided Benjamin Ficus Tree in a 3 Gallon Beige Delilah Pot

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 20℉) 
      4-11 patio
      8-11 outdoors
   Map 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
  • Mature Height:
  • 8-10 ft. Potted
  • Mature Width:
  • 3-5 ft.
  • Sunlight:
  • Full-Partial
  • Growth Rate:
  • Fast
  • Botanical Name:
  • Ficus benjamina
  • Does Not Ship To:
  • AZ

Product Description

Low-Maintenance Indoor/Outdoor Ficus

Why Braided Benjamina Ficus Trees?

It’s one of the most popular house plants for décor – the Benjamina Ficus Tree, also known as the Weeping Fig, looks amazing. Its glossy, deep green leaves, which are dense and can be shaped into various forms, make it versatile too. Simply shear or sculpt Benjamina to your desired shape.

Even better? Its good looks are easy to achieve. We meticulously braid the trunk so it's already stunning when it arrives to your door. And its gray bark is an attractive feature against its bright green foliage.

Why is Better

For starters, it's a resilient plant that thrives through neglect. But the best part is that it has a strong root system before you even plant in your container at home, so it’s ready to grow. We’ve done the extra work to plant, monitor and nurture your Benjamina for the best results.

Your Braided Benjamina Ficus will arrive ready to add instant beauty to your yard, patio, or interior. Order your own Benjamina now for bold color and effortless care!

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Customer Reviews
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United States United States
I recommend this product

Arrived in excellent condition. I love it!!

United States United States
Nice looking tree

Wonderful looking tree. Easy to plant. Looks great in my livingroom

United States United States
Super healthy tree.

So imagine ordering a tree through the mail, and it is thriving! The healthiest indoor plant I have with many leaves, beautifully braided trunk and new growth. A risk maybe but so worth it!

United States United States
Nice looking tree

The braided ficus looks nice and seems healthy. My only issue is that it is dropping a good amount of leaves every day. hopefully that ends soon after it gets used to its new environment.

Monica B.
United States United States
They have the best plants

I just brought a Ficus from them and this tree is really taking off really good. I am planning on buying two money trees from them. Instead of going to Lowe’s. They take better care of their plants and I love the fact that, they are just right down the street from Charlotte. Oh, I forgot to added this is my third purchase from them. My first purchase was a maple for my brother yard and my brother loves that tree and that tree is doing good. So I definitely recommend these people and I look forward to buying my money trees from them.the tree is growing really good and quick. Braided Benjamina Ficus Tree Review

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Select a location with bright or filtered sun exposure, but try to avoid direct sun or cooler areas. When you're ready to plant, remove the tree from its pot and dunk the entire root system in a bucket of water. Submerge the tree’s roots and make sure there are no air pockets that may have gotten into the root ball. Shake the tree a little, twist it back and forth in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion while it is submerged to ensure ALL air bubbles have come out of the root area. Now proceed with the planting/potting, making sure to tamp down the soil as you back fill to ensure no other air pockets form.

Also, ensure you've selected a pot sized one to times times larger than the pot the tree came in, and be sure it has adequate drainage holes on the bottom. Again, place the tree in an area that will receive 4 to 5 hours of sun each day and will not drop below 60 degrees.

2. Watering: Water your tree once a week and twice during the hot summer months. Let the soil dry in between waterings during the winter while the tree is not actively growing. Potted trees will only need to be watered 1 to 2 times weekly, with some additional humidity. For extra humidity, spray the leaves.

If you're not sure when to water, check the top of the soil for moisture - if there is any, leave the tree be.

3. Pruning: Shape and growth are the primary reasons for pruning your Benjamina. Cutters that are designed for close/fine trimming of narrow stems are best. Sterilize your tool(s) with rubbing alcohol to ensure nice, clean cuts.

Find a node where the leaf (or twig) joins the branch and cut at a downward angle just before a node. Make your cut close to the node but without actually cutting into it. Leave one node for newer growth to come out on the branch. When removing an entire branch, cut it back to the trunk and be sure not to leave any nodes.

4. Fertilizing: Ficus Trees are rapid growers and need lots of nutrients. Be sure to feed your potted tree once a month in the spring and summer. Drop down to feeding them once every two months in the fall and winter seasons. A water soluble 10-10-10 formula works well and can be used for either potted or outside trees.

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