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About Us

Hi, Pam here.
I was raised on a farm growing 4 foot watermelons and breeding camellia flowers the size of dinner plates. My heroes were plant breeders in their 70s and 80s.

12 years ago I was sitting around, talking with two of my favorite, fellow Plant Geeks. We were trying to figure out why so many, superior plant varieties were not available to the public and were seldom offered in Garden Centers.

Instead the stores sold less attractive, older varieties, proven to be disease and insect prone. They also sold the sprays and chemicals that their customers would eventually need.

The Ah Ha moment hit us and a company was formed. We decided that we would only offer the highest quality plants that must be Easy to Grow.

They must also be carefully nurtured with vibrant, well developed root systems that will explode with new growth. This is where the name “Fast Growing Trees” came from.

Thanks to some great customers who love our prices and share our passion for Fun, No-Fuss plants... Fast Growing Trees is now the largest On-Line nursery in the world. I’m blessed to work with an amazing group of people who are quickly changing the gardening industry forever.

Fast Growing Trees has growing locations throughout the US. We help you grow the perfect tree for your climate. Our main 42 acre nursery is in Ft. Mill, South Carolina, and we have growing locations throughout the US.

Our success depends on your success. That's why we only offer hardy, no-fuss varieties. And if you have any questions, before or after your purchase, we have real live Horticulturalist that you can talk to.

When your trees are delivered, you’ll immediately notice the care and detail from growing to shipping. We’ve perfected a plant preparation system that ensures safe delivery. And even though your trees will arrive in just a few days, most of them can survive weeks in their packaging.

Shipping & Growing Locations:

We are extremely thankful for our customers who allow us to be “Tree Missionaries”. Your purchases help us plant tens of thousands of fruit trees in deforested and impoverished Countries. If you’re a long time blog follower, you’ve seen some of the fascinating projects we’ve been fortunate to be a part of.

Warm Regards