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Aspen Trees

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What are Aspen Trees?

Aspen is a common name for this species, with most classified by botanists in the section Populus. Aspen Trees are one of the more well-known varieties of Shade Tree on the market today - known for their billowy foliage, ability to grow nearly year-round, and distinctive bark, Aspen Trees make a timeless statement.

Once you have your Aspen Tree, the actual planting process is easy. Select an area with well-drained soil, dig a hole large enough to accommodate the tree’s root ball (along with a bit of extra width for mature growth), place your tree and backfill the hole. Finish by watering the surrounding soil and mulching to conserve moisture.

When to Plant Aspen Trees

As far as when to plant, we always recommend early spring or fall, before or after the threat of frost. As long as the ground is not frozen, however, your Aspen Trees should be fine.