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Where to Plant Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry plants are versatile and can thrive in various environments. You will want to choose the variety that does best in your particular growing zone.

Highbush Blueberry Bushes

Northern and Midwest states will do best to choose a Highbush Blueberry. Most are cold hardy and can withstand extremely cold temperatures.

Lowbush Blueberries

Lowbush Blueberries perform best in cold to moderate temperatures. If you live in the Northeast or upper Midwest, you’ll want a cold-hardy Lowbush Plant.

Rabbiteye Blueberries

Southern states with warmer climates should choose a Rabbiteye cultivar. You can expect plump, juicy berries from this bush.

Blueberry Bushes

Popular Blueberry Bushes

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Sweetheart Blueberry Bush

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Top Hat Blueberry Bush

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Legacy Blueberry Bush

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Tifblue Blueberry Bush

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Climax Blueberry

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Premier Blueberry Bush

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Bushel and Berry® Perpetua Blueberry

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