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Cristy's Gift Guide

Cristy Pack: @theironvictorian

Cristy and her husband are the owners of The Iron Victorian. They bought an abandoned Victorian mansion in a small town in Michigan almost four years ago and have been renovating the interior and exterior since! They specialize in home design and DIY projects, as well as garden planning & design. Follow Cristy on Instagram!

10-Inch Orchid Garden product image 10-Inch Orchid Garden

"Orchids are great in any season and perfect for celebrating any moment, occasion, or just because! They double as a super thoughtful gift and beautiful decor."

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Ziva Paperwhite Plant product image Ziva Paperwhite Plant

"Paperwhites are perfect for the winter months ahead. We love having and gifting florals in the winter, and this is the perfect winter floral!"

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Arbequina Olive Tree product image Arbequina Olive Tree

"We love the olive tree so much because it can be used in your home as decor or if you live in a climate where olive trees can be grown outdoors. They look beautiful in a garden or in an urn on a patio!"

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ZZ Plant product image ZZ Plant

"The ZZ plant is one of the easiest plants to care for! With minimal light and water requirements, it's the perfect gift for somebody who may not be a plant person. Plus, it has constant beautiful, green foliage."

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Green Mound Juniper Topiary product image Green Mound Juniper Topiary

"Juniper topiaries give a really nice formal look to any garden or patio space and can elevate just about any outdoor area!"

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