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Blackberry Bushes

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Growing Zones: 5-9

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Growing Zones: 5-9

Growing Zones: 6-8

Growing Zones: 6-9

Growing Zones: 6-8

Growing Zones: 6-8

Want blackberries, but do not like getting scratched by thorns?

You no longer have to be extra cautious when selecting berries, or alert your kids about being pricked. Thorns could even be an aggravation to your pets!

Moreover, these particular berries don't have to be sprayed with insecticides as they are seldom bothered by pests.

This means it is easy to grow your blackberries the healthy way, without spraying!

These wonderfully adaptable bushes grow in many different environments. Simply plant, then harvest!

You will enjoy a lifetime supply of free, scrumptious blackberries. Contrary to store bought berries shipped from South America, you will know your berries are safe and produced organically.

These particular plants produce major amounts of sweet, delicious fruit. They grow connected in big clusters and are ideal for eating off the bush, or for making jams and jellies.

Blackberries contain lots of nourishing anti-oxidants, which happen to be abundant in benefits.

Blackberry plants grow upright to a height of 3-6 ft. and are frequently planted in groups of three. Although the blackberry is not actually a true berry (it is an aggregate fruit because it is composed of individual drupes), it is a popular fruit, not to mention succulent and easy to grow.

This unique 3-in-1 variety of blackberry provides three distinct kinds of fruit: the Navajo, Quachita, and Arapaho. All are thornless and grow on the same plant.

It will thrive in zones 4-9. The blackberry is a healthy fruit, full of vitamins A and C, and brings flavor to drinks, salads, and yummy desserts.


This is a popular blackberry type and will produce a hearty crop of thick, juicy berries. Navajo berries are hardy in zones 6-9 and can mature to a height of eight feet. Usually, ripe blackberries will only store for three to four days before needing to be eaten, but the Navajo can be stored for three to four weeks! The fruit is usually harvested from the middle of June through till the end of July. This berry is great for jams and jellies.


The Quachita blackberry is a high yield bearing plant with large, sweet berries. It thrives in zones 5-9. The berries begin ripening around the second week in June and will continue for five to six weeks. This variety begins fruiting in two years and will ripen between Navajo and Arapaho berries. It's a great fruit for desserts and jams, or straight from the vine.


The Arapaho is a large, juicy berry that is disease resistant and cold hardy. This berry is low maintenance and does not need a trellis to climb. The Arapaho produces sucker plants, which means it can quickly and easily develop into a sturdy hedgerow of plants, and begin bearing fruit within two years. These berries are sweet and succulent and this variety ripens two weeks before the Navajo, giving you an early start to your blackberry harvesting. You can begin enjoying your Arapaho blackberries in early June. Expect to harvest 2-4 quarts per vine.

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Growing Zones: 4-8

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Growing Zones: 4-8

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