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Nominations will close Sunday, September 18 at 11:59 PM. Winners will be notified the following week, and plant kits will ship out soon after that!

Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge, cultivate passions for learning, and encourage young minds to grow. And we know it’s work that often goes underappreciated.

To show our support for the educators shaping our future generations, we’re giving away 500 Edible Plant Kits to teachers across the country—100% free, no catch! You'll get 3 exciting edible trees, along with classroom-friendly planting and care guides, ideas and inspiration and more.

Teachers deserve to enjoy the benefits of nature, even within the walls of their classroom. We also hope these plants will provide a rewarding, hands-on experience to students who may otherwise lack access to green space or community gardens.

Anyone can nominate their favorite teacher (and self-nomination is both allowed and encouraged). Just fill out the nomination form below to get started.

Nominate a Teacher

Questions? View our FAQs!

What's Included in the Kit

Meyer Lemon Bush

Meyer Lemon Bush product image

A sweeter lemon that can thrive indoors or out.  

Plant Size:
1 Gallon
Max Size (HxW):
10 ft. x 4 ft.

Ice Cream Banana Tree

Ice Cream Banana Tree product image

Yes–it does taste like ice cream (cold-hardy, too!). 

Plant Size:
2-3 ft.
Max Size (HxW):
15 ft. x 10 ft.

Cold Hardy Avocado Tree

Cold Hardy Avocado Tree product image

A fast-growing favorite–avocado toast for all! 

Plant Size:
1-2 ft.
Max Size (HxW):
20 ft. x 8 ft.

Please note that these items may be substituted depending on your state’s agricultural restrictions.

Questions & Answers

I’m a teacher. Can I nominate myself?

Absolutely, yes!

What are the requirements for nominees?

  • Currently teach in the continental United States school system
  • Have a valid mailing address to receive the plants

Can I nominate more than one teacher?

Yes! We will ship the Edible Plant Kit to the first 500 nominees who meet the requirements.

How will we be notified if our nominee is chosen to receive the kit?

As long as we still have the inventory and the nominee meets the requirements, they will receive the Edible Plant Kit. We will email all nominees as we begin shipping out the kits - please be sure to include your nominee’s email address!

I’m not a teacher. What if I want to buy this kit for myself?

All these plants are available for purchase on our website.

Do I have to keep the plants in the classroom or at the school?

We encourage you to keep your plants in the classroom for your students to enjoy. But you're welcome to use or plant them however - and wherever - you'd like!

Which states may be impacted by agricultural restrictions?

Each state has different agricultural restrictions that determine which plants can ship into that state. If you live in an impacted state, we will swap out the plant in question with a similar edible tree that can safely ship into your state!

Impacted states include: AL, AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, OR and TX. These states cannot receive the Meyer Lemon Bush and will receive a 2-gallon Wonderful Pomegranate Tree as a replacement.