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1 Year Warranty

Thank you so much for purchasing our 1 year warranty. Plants can perish for many different reasons, so purchasing this warranty is a great way to ensure that we can assist you in getting your trees replaced.

What does my warranty cover?

  • The 1-year warranty will cover 100% of the price you paid for your plants in the form of a store credit. This allows you to replace it with the same variety or if you choose to try something different, the choice is up to you.

  • The warranty will not cover any type of hard goods that were purchased with the tree or plant. This includes fertilizer, soil and potting kits.

  • The warranty will not cover shipping cost.

How do I redeem my warranty?

The process is easy! Simply follow the steps below, all of which can be done on a smart phone.

Before activating your warranty you will want to perform a scratch test on the tree or plant to determine if it has perished.

  1. Scratch a small area of bark on the trunk. You can rub it with a coin or fingernail.

    1. If you see green, then the plant is alive and should recover!

      1. If the time is fall through spring, the plant is likely in full or partial dormancy.

      2. If the time is during the growing season, then the leaves may have temporarily dropped as a self-pruning measure. This acts as a reset switch for the plant and is normally just temporary.

    2. If you see brown or black underneath, then the plant is unfortunately dead.

  2. Please take a digital photo of the plant that has died.

Seeing photos can sometimes help our staff diagnose the issue or issues that caused your plant to die, and allow them to make recommendations for a future successful planting.

  1. Go to ourcontact us page.

    1. From here, choose the drop down"I would like to redeem my warranty".

    2. Please upload a photo of your trees and or plants that have perished.

    3. Please provide a brief description as to what the issues are and hit submit!

Once we receive your request, we will review your photos and will move forward with getting your store credit processed.

Please allow 3-5 business days to receive an email with your store credit code. You will use that store credit just like a gift certificate when making a new order.