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We want to help you grow! Check out our latest educational courses below to learn expert tips on house plants, fruit trees, grass seed and more. And be sure to check back soon for courses to come.

Landscape Design 101

Ready to transform your yard, but not sure where to start? We're here to help! In this 6-part series, our experts share everything you need to know about designing and planting the landscape you've been longing for.

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House Plant Care 101

Looking for your guide to happy, healthy house plants? We have just the resources for you! From location and light to water, soil and more, our plant experts have put together the must-know tips for house plant care.

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Fruit Trees 101

Dreaming of home-grown harvests from your own backyard orchard? You're in the right place! In this course, we're covering all things fruit, from choosing and selecting fruit trees to harvesting, maintenance and more.

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Grass Seed 101

There's nothing like a lush green lawn, and we want to help you achieve that. Learn all about choosing and planting your grass seed, how to maintain and care for it, and how to troubleshoot any issues for a healthy, thriving yard.

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