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Hemlock Trees

Growing Zones: 3-8
•  Northern Evergreen
•  Fast Growing
•  Great for Privacy

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Shopping for an attractive evergreen that will grow just about anywhere? How about a hemlock? Don’t let the name scare you. The hemlock poison that Socrates drank came from an herb, also called “hemlock”. There is nothing toxic about the hemlock tree! There are two species- one is so uncommon that we will only concentrate on the other - the Canadian Hemlock.

Our evergreens succeed in cold areas where other varieties can't grow.

Having said that, it is still able to thrive in warmer climates, as well. It does best in planting zones 3-8.

Canadian Hemlocks actually grow in poor soil conditions. They enjoy either full sun or even shade. Very cold hardy.

It is highly regarded among landscape designers and real estate developers.

When planted in close proximity, these hemlocks create a verdant hedge that will not only provide an abundance of personal privacy, but will also boost your property value!

The little, fine textured needles are dark green on top and lighter underneath. They grow in flat, feathery layers all the way to the terrain. The bark is a vibrant cinnamon-red.

Makes a great ornamental specimen. Put near the corners of your home or near your very own patio. These evergreens introduce grace and elegance to your landscape.

A terrific habitat for wildlife! The dense, low foliage provides excellent cold weather cover for lots of birds and little furry animals, which are enjoyable to see.