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Red Dragon Japanese Maple

Red Dragon Japanese Maple
Images shown are of mature plants
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉) 
      5-8 outdoors
   Map 5-8 outdoors
Mature Height:
8-12 ft.
Mature Width:
8-12 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Acer palmatum dissectum 'Red Dragon'
Does Not Ship To:

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Product Description

Statement Plant. Pink to Plum Color

Striking Color
This Red Dragon Japanese Maple tree is one of the most gorgeous trees available on the market today. It's known for its brilliant shades of crimson and scarlet foliage throughout the seasons. Spring arrives with a burst of bright ruby red foliage that is vivid and showy. As summer approaches, Red Dragon's foliage ages to a rich warm burgundy, adding an air of elegance to any outdoor living space. When autumn rolls in, Red Dragon turns fiery red for a striking punch of color that rivals all other leaf-peeper favorites.

Maturing to heights of just 8-12 feet with a similar spread, the Red Dragon Japanese Maple is considered somewhat petite in stature by tree standards, making it an ideal choice for smaller garden spaces. This tree carries the show as a single specimen and is also exceptional when grouped in threes for accent anywhere. You can even keep Red Dragon in a decorative container, clipped and shaped for a deck or patio area.

Easy to Grow
Red Dragon Japanese Maple is more sun-tolerant than most Japanese Maples and is moderately drought-tolerant as well, once established. Plant it by a pond or water feature, or simply put one by a seating bench so you can sit by it and take in its showy beauty.

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Cody B.
United States

Tree is a little flimsy but growing.

My tree came well packaged and already leafed out. Tree is a little flimsy but its growing. I immediately planted it into a large pot that was prepared for the tree. Its been about 3 weeks now and still doing good, has a few leaves that are curling from the shock of moving. I hope it makes it this first year. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Mike B.
United States

Last name is spelled Bougher

The leaves have all sprouted and it looks great.

Brian W Smith

Expected a Sapling not a graft

Disappointed in what we received, we ordered a 3-4' tree and what we got was a grafted branch, hoping this thing holds up. Had FGT stated this would be a grafted product we'd have not spent the $99.


We're sorry to hear that your japanese maple isn't satisfactory! Please send us some photos of what you received and we'll work with you to turn this experience around!

Elnora Temple

My Sorrow

I am only giving this a one star simply because the tree wouldn't grow in my yard. I doubt anything was wrong with the tree itself. We have areas where the soil even when amended is just inhospitable to anything that wants to grow in those areas. Unfortunately for me a lover of Japanese Maples the varieties I have tried to grow in Virginia aren't taking to the soil or being in a pot. I even brought two that were doing well in North Carolina with me last year but they are doing poorly and just seem to be limping along.

fletcher odom

Beautiful Tree

This is my second tree. The first one didn't fair so good. however this tree arrived in perfect condition. It looked great. planted it immediately. Doing fine and shows all the qualities I expected from Fast Growing Trees. Can't wait to see how it'll look later in the year.

Planting & Care

The Red Dragon (Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Red Dragon’) is a beautiful, compact Japanese maple, a great addition to any landscape large or small. Known for its lacy leaves and brilliant spring and summer color this cold hardy tree does well in many parts of the country. Cold tolerant all the way down to -10 degrees, it can also tolerate more heat than many of the other Japanese maple varieties, just give it some protection from the afternoon sun in the warmer climates. Japanese maples are slow growing trees, only gaining about a foot per year. This compact tree will reach 8-12 feet in overall height whereas a mature tree may eventually reach 12-14 feet, but can take many years. The Red Dragon leafs out in the spring with a burst of ruby red, which deepens into a burgundy red during the summer and a fiery red color as fall approaches giving you 3 seasons of color.

Planting Directions:
1) The hole should be dug slightly larger than the root system of the plant, 2-3 times the width and just as deep as the root ball.
2) To help the roots establish themselves quickly, mix the soil with an organic compost (conifer bark mulch, rhododendron or azalea planting mix or rose compost) that is recommended but not necessarily needed.
3) The root collar of the plant, the ground line on the stem where the young plant was grown, should be level with the ground surface.
4) Backfill the hole and tamp down the soil as you proceed to cut back on any air pockets from forming.
5) Water the planting site and then mulch to preserve soil moisture.

Exception: If you have clay soil, dig your hole rather shallow, so that the root system is partly above the ground. When filling the hole, the soil should be mounded up to the root collar to protect the tree from drying out. (If deep holes are dug in heavy soils such as clay, the hole acts like a large iron kettle with no drainage, causing the water to build up, drowning and killing your tree.)

Mulching: Mulching around your Japanese Maple helps to maintain a weed free area, minimizes water loss in dry conditions, and provides winter protection for the roots during cold frosts. The ideal mulch bed is a 2 inch layer of coarse bark.

Watering: The “average” amount of water supplied to most common lawn and garden plants should be adequate for your new Japanese Maple Tree. During the hot summer months, water your Japanese Maple in early morning or evening. This will help protect against a condition known as “scorching” where the leaves appear to have been burnt by the sun, a condition thought to be brought on by watering in the midday sun.

Fertilization: Japanese maples do not require large amounts of nutrients. If your other lawn and garden plants do well, your Japanese Maple should grow just fine. Any recommended fertilization should use a balanced complete fertilizer for shrubs and trees. This should be applied once a year in early spring, and if possible be applied just before the leaves appear.

Pruning: Your tree will need 2 to 3 years to become firmly established in your lawn or garden. After this period, you may begin to prune your tree if desired, although it is not required.

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