American Red Maple Tree

American Red Maple Tree
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Growing Zones: 4-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -20℉) 
      4-9 outdoors
   Map 4-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
40-60 ft.
Mature Width:
25-45 ft.
Full Sun
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Acer rubrum 'Brandywine'
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Product Description

Famous for its Brilliant Foliage

Vibrant color and rich reds are synonymous with the American Red Maple Tree. The Red Maple truly earns its name, with its red flowers in early spring, red twigs of new growth, red fruit and spectacular red leaves in fall. Its dazzling fall show is further diversified with a few orange or gold shades under certain weather conditions.

Even better, the American Red Maple adapts to any environment. The American Red Maple Tree is one of the most populous trees in the eastern U.S. because it adapts so well to many different environments. It is quite drought tolerant, but will grow in wet boggy areas, especially in the Southern portion of its range.

Plus, this ultra-strong Maple grows in nearly any soil type, from sandy loam to heavy clay. And though its leaf colors can be affected by less-than-ideal conditions, it even tolerates pollution and an urban environment.

And since this fast-growing shade tree claims 2 to 3 feet of growth each year, it will soon be a rich focal point in your landscape. Its dense foliage makes it ideal to place near a deck or in your front yard. Not only will it provide excellent protection from the summer sun, but it will also boast a brilliant show in fall.

Change your landscape, beautifully, with this gorgeous shade tree. Order now for fast delivery, fast growth and fresh fall color!

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George Magoutas

American Red Maple

Received the original red maple a couple weeks ago.. wasn't pleased with the condition it was in and contacted Fast Growing Trees with pictures of the deficiency and they got back almost immediately with a response.. Fast Growing Trees stands by their trees and plants.. they immediately shipped another red maple to me on April 11, 2019 and received it via FEDEX on April 13, 2019.. the replacement is in excellent condition and could not of asked for a better tree.. this is the second tree I purchased from them. the first a Fuyu Persimmon tree and it was in excellent condition upon arrival.. received persimmons the first year.. Thank you Fast Growing Trees and Wonyae G for everything!!! Well Done!!! George

Raymond Gemme

See above.

5 rating so far from the point of view of condition of the 3 trees and the timeliness of the delivery. We had a great deal of rain last month in upstate NY before planting so much so that I had to bail the holes of water in order to plant the trees as recommended. Hope they will take even though they like water. Won't know until we get back from Florida next mid-May. Thanks

Jacquelyn Watson

Great so far here in Central Florida!

At first it looked a little dead but we planted it with the soil and fertilizer recommended by fast growing trees along with some soil for maples from home depot and it is turning out beautifully. There are so many more leaves and branches already and I swear it has already grown a foot. We had a sprinkler previously installed specifically for the tree itself so I definitely believe watering it everyday is key. Can't wait to see how it grows over the next few years!

Kirk Freitas

So far so good

Came when expected and adapting well to south MS environment clay and sandy soil and full sun. I will be shopping here often for tree needs thanks for the service as promised

Kirk Freitas verified customer review of American Red Maple Tree
Alan Dills

Trees Done Right

Love this American Red Maple. Fast-Growing-Trees did it right. Looking forward to some good shade in the near future. Thanks

Alan Dills verified customer review of American Red Maple Tree

Planting & Care

The American red maple tree (Acer rubrum 'Brandywine') is a fast growing, drought tolerant, cold hardy tree that is very adaptable even to urban areas. This full sun loving, decorative tree doubles as not only a decorative fall specimen but also a fantastic shade tree. Best suited for USDA growing zones 4-9 the tree can take cold snaps as low as -20 degrees. The tree will mature to heights of 40-60 feet tall with a spread of anywhere between 25-45 feet wide, so be sure to take into account the tree’s mature stature when scouting your planting site. The spectacular red/orange/gold foliage will come during the fall season and spring will give way to red flowers. American red maples can even do well in boggy areas but try to avoid standing water for prolonged periods of time.

Location: Tolerant of soggy soils, crimson maples grow nicely on any fertile soil that is not alkaline in pH. Once established, it tolerates droughts with little harm although infrequent, deep irrigation will help retain more foliage in extremely dry periods, especially in regions with hot summers. Select a spot where the tree is in full to partial sun exposure.

Planting instructions:
1) Make a hole for the maple that’s 2-3 times the width of your tree’s root ball and equal depth.
2) Remove your maple from its container and ensure root moisture.
3) Place your tree in the planting hole, keeping the top of the root ball even with the ground.
4) Spread the roots out evenly and surround them with dirt, tamping down to avoid air pockets, which can dry out the roots of your tree.
5) Fill a small amount of the soil into the hole to maintain the tree’s upright position and water thoroughly.
6) Once the water has absorbed into the root ball and surrounding soil, fill the remaining soil into the planting hole. Pack firmly and water a second time.
7) Mulch to retain soil moisture and keep competing growth away from the planting site.

Watering: During its formative years, your crimson maple will require weekly watering of at least 1½ inches of water. Even as it matures, your tree will still need plenty of water during the summer months. Be sure to water correctly, light green leaves are a sign of over-watering, while drooping leaves signify both over-watering and under-watering.

Fertilization: During the first growing season, use only slow-release fertilizer tablets on your new maple. Refrain from using stronger fertilization methods until your tree becomes more established. Any 10-10-10 fertilizer, such as Miracle Grow will be suitable. Fertilize your crimson maple twice a month when it is coming out of dormancy and once a month during the summer. Discontinue before the tree returns to its dormant state.

Weed Control: Do not permit weeds and lawn any closer than 2-3 feet from your maple in the first year. Pull the weeds initially, and then utilize a growing mat or mulch. Insulate the roots 2-4 inches and replenish as needed. Do not spray pesticides on a young maple, and ensure that wind does not blow chemical drift onto your tree.

Pruning: Since maple trees bleed sap when their branches are cut, the best time to prune is when the leaves have fully matured. At this time, there will be less sap. Remove all dead or dying branches. Do this before you start cutting live branches; it will give you a better idea of what your tree looks like and how many of the live branches you’re going to need to cut. Decide which branches you’re going to cut before you start cutting. Look for large branches growing at narrow angles to the main trunk, branches that are rubbing others or branches that are growing inwards and crossing others. Remove the larger branches. To do this, make the first cut all the way through the branch, at least a foot from the main tree trunk. Use two cuts; the first should begin underneath the branch and go upwards, with the second starting on the top and going down to meet the first. With the weight gone, you can finish cutting the remainder of the branch without struggling with the extra length of the branch.

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