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October Glory Red Maple Tree

October Glory Red Maple Tree
Images shown are of mature plants
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 3-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -30℉) 
      3-8 outdoors
   Map 3-8 outdoors
Mature Height:
40-50 ft.
Mature Width:
25-35 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Acer rubrum 'October Glory'
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

The Brightest Red Fall Foliage of any Tree!

An improved cultivar over all other Red Maple Trees... superior red color of the October Glory Maple™ is intense.

An ideal landscaping tree... a fast growing tree that requires minimal attention! Commonly used to line drives or boulevards.

October Glory Maple Trees quickly mature into a pleasing oval shape, reaching up to 40 ft.

Its leaves drop later in the autumn season than other trees, so you have more time to enjoy their show!

You'll enjoy your October Glory's proud display of red foliage while other trees are bare! In the spring, it produces tiny conspicuous red flowers that pop against the backdrop of spring green. Showy red fruit attracts birds.

You get reliable color that is less dependent on the weather as other maples.

October Glories will even grow in warmer climates - areas not typically suited for trees that specialize in fall color.

Always popular - order your trees soon because supplies are limited!

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  • April 1st

October glory red maple in Laguna hills

The maple is growing fast ever since I planted it a week ago in April 1st. on Friday that same week, small leaves started sprouting, and since then, it was growing fast. It is now tuesday and the leaves are double the size. The thing is, they are drooping even though I planted it in well draining soil with the tree being raised. Im in zone 10a, but there are people that grow this tree. Temps have been fairly mild

Alan High

Healthy trees securely packaged and arrived undamaged.

So far so good. The two trees I ordered arrived undamaged. The potting soil was still wet. I planted them the same day I received them. In addition to manual watering it's rained several times since planting. I'm hoping for good results in the spring.

Cortney Napurski

Stunning and thriving!

I always wait at least a year to review plants and I've now had this beauty of a tree for three years. It is thriving and gorgeous! It's grown several feet and the color of the leaves are absolutely vibrant and breathtaking. It is a stunning accent to the beautiful sugar maples we have in our yard. We love it so much we're going to take down a few lotus trees to plant a few more of these on our hill.

Melissa Runyon

Arrived ALIVE!!!

I was very worried ordering a tree over the internet. It arrived perfect! I can't wait till she grows and becomes a beautiful fall tree in my front yard.

Darin Herald

Excellent place and great value to buy all your trees.

Tree came better than expected been planted for 3 weeks looks good tree came package in box a lot of leaves on tree taller than expected

Planting & Care

The October Glory Maple is one of the most common and widespread trees of eastern North America. It ranges from the Lake of the Woods on the border between Ontario and Minnesota, east to Newfoundland, south to near Miami, Florida, and southwest to east Texas. Many of its features, especially its leaves, are quite variable in form. At maturity it often attains a height of around 50 ft. It is aptly named for its glorious deep scarlet foliage in fall. Due to its attractive fall foliage and pleasing form, it is often used as a shade tree for landscapes. It is used commercially on a small scale for maple syrup production as well as for its medium to high quality lumber.

The October glory maple is widely grown as an ornamental tree in parks and large gardens, except where soils are too alkaline or salty. In parts of the Pacific Northwest, it is one of the most commonly introduced trees. Its popularity in cultivation stems from its vigorous habit, its attractive and early red flowers, and most importantly, its flaming red fall foliage.

Seasonal information: At maturity, the October glory maple often attains a height of around 50 ft. It is aptly named for its glorious deep scarlet foliage in fall. Due to its attractive fall foliage and pleasing form, it is often used as a shade tree for landscapes.

Location: Tolerant of soggy soils, October glory maple grows nicely on any fertile soil that is not alkaline in pH. Once established, it tolerates droughts with little harm although infrequent, deep irrigation will help retain more foliage in extremely dry periods, especially in regions with hot summers. Locate the tree in a full sun exposure where it will experience at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily. Abundant light encourages a well-shaped branching structure and leafy canopy as well as more intense fall foliage coloring.

Planting instructions:
1) Dig a hole three times the width of the root ball and as deep.
2) Plant the root ball in the hole and back fill with enriched, loose soil.
3) Water thoroughly after the root ball has been established and place a layer of thick protective mulching over the top soil to control for weeds, pests, and suckers.

Watering: The October glory maple will appreciate a minimum of one and a half inches of water per week, whether from rainfall or irrigation. Building a water ring around the trunk can aid in moisture retention.

Fertilization: Use a slow release fertilizer in a 10-10-10 formula twice per month during the growing season. Cease fertilizing when the tree is nearing it’s dormancy stage.

Pests and Disease: Several leaf diseases caused by fungi may affect an October glory maple. It displays in the form of tan spots surrounded by purple and red borders. Tar spots also can damage the aesthetic appeal of a tree. These initially produce yellow spots before developing into black, tar-like spots about 1 inch in diameter.

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