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Shade Trees

Northern Red Oak Tree

Quercus rubra

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A Classic Tree + Dazzling Good Looks

Why Northern Red Oak Trees?

If you're looking for a huge shade tree that you don't have to worry about, the Northern Red Oak is the way to go. Long-lasting, incredibly hardy and fast growing, this tree is the perfect investment for nearly every American family.

It grows in even the worst conditions. From wide open pastures, dense forests and polluted city sidewalks, the Northern Red Oak can thrive in nearly every condition imaginable. If you have poor soil, compact space, wet sand, dry clay or urban air, you can grow this tree as well as someone with perfect soil and a wide-open pasture.

The Northern Red Oak is a beloved tree. With the honor of being the state tree of New Jersey, this tree is well loved across the country. One of the most prolific lumber producing trees and often used in cabinetry and hard word flooring, homes across the United States are filled with products made from the Northern Red Oak.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

Imagine tying a swing to this tree's sturdy branches or setting up a picnic under the canopy. The glossy, green leaves of the Northern Red Oak turn into a vibrant red or yellow during the fall. Amongst a sea of evergreens, this tree will make a wonderful contrast to your autumn landscape.

But the best part? We've planted, grown and nurtured each Northern Red Oak for amazing results. Now, you reap the rewards of our hard work at the nursery, with a well-rooted, healthy variety delivered right to your door.

The Northern Red Oak is an easy choice. Whether you live in a crowded city environment and want to bring some life to your landscape or you live in a huge countryside and want to give your family the gift of a long-lasting tree, the Northern Red Oak can do the job. Order your own Northern Red Oak today!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

Mature Height:60-75 ft.
Mature Width:45-50 ft.
Sunlight:Full Sun
Growth Rate:Fast
Botanical Name:Quercus rubra
Does Not Ship To:AZ,CA,FL,LA,OR, WI
Grows Well In Zones:3-8 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 3-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -30℉)

Customer Reviews & Photos


Based on 94 reviews

Verified Buyer

Growing in bad soil

Amazing! I ordered this tree end of March. I am in NY zone 6b. It was just a stick when it arrived. Barely any branches, no leaves. Basically looked like a stick my dog would play with. That scared me because I didn't see how this thing would grow into anything and it looked dead. It did have a root ball, so I decided to have some faith. I planted this tree in poor draining, not great soil. I dug a very large hole and filled with top soil, miracle grow, root rocket, holly tone and super thrive. I put a fence around it because I didn't want my dog to think it was a stick for him to play with. It is now May and OMG it is beautiful! Plenty of leaves, it's so pretty. My darling little tree. I can not wait to watch this tree grow. I specifically got this tree because the description says it will grow just about anywhere regardless of soil. I basically had a huge flat open yard that was mostly fill dirt. The sun is brutal in my man-made field. I planted this right in the middle to give shade. I really hope this tree continues to strive once its roots grow out of the hole I dug and into the fill dirt. I have really high hopes that it will. It is my favorite tree so far. I hope it grows super fast.

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Verified Buyer

Soooo great!

I attempted to plant an oak last year and unfortunately it didn't make it. This year, my replacement tree is thriving! Such a beautiful tree!

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Verified Buyer

Looks very sad when It arrived

Not sure how I feel. I got pretty much just got a stick with pretty much no root ball. I'll let it do its thing in the ground but it didn't look promising....

Fast Growing Trees Plant ExpertHello Scott! We apologize for any disappointment with your recent order. It looks like it was just beginning to push out some new growth for the season before shipping and should continue to do so over the next few weeks! Please reach out if you do not notice any progress and we'll be glad to make it right!
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Verified Buyer

Lovely little tree

This little tree is doing so well in its first spring! I planted it during a really hot summer and I was worried about it coming out of its dormancy but it’s doing so well and seems really happy

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Verified Buyer

This is a replacement for

This is a replacement for one bought earlier in the year that I foolishly thought I could save. This tree does have leaves that are more green than brown so I'm hopeful. Yes, yes I did get the insurance on this tree.

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