Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
Images shown are of mature plants

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Dont worry! Customers were also interested in these available products ...

Product Details

Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 30℉) 
      4-11 patio
      9-11 outdoors
   Map 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
Mature Height:
60-80 ft.
Mature Width:
20-30 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Eucalyptus deglupta
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

The Look of a Rain Forest in Your Own Yard!

Rainbow Eucalyptus covers the entire spectrum:

  • Jaw dropping color as bark peels revealing Incredible beauty underneath
  • Vivid pastel color on a solid, sturdy tree
  • Considered by many one of the most beautiful trees in the world
  • Only Eucalyptus tree that is native to the northern hemisphere
  • Cold tolerant to 26 degrees

Somewhere under the Rainbow, Eucalyptus shows its beauty

Monet himself couldn't paint a lovelier tree than the Rainbow Eucalyptus-a tree that is like a canvass for the colors that only nature herself could supply. As patches of its bark shed, pastel streaks of light green and sunset pink, climb vertically up the tree's impressive trunk. It's the inner bark that reveals a spectrum of incredible color-oranges, maroons, even blues. It's no wonder the Rainbow Eucalyptus is considered by many to be the most beautiful tree on earth. Although called a 'Eucalyptus,' it does not have the powerful fragrance associated with most Eucalyptus Trees. The real show is the trunk.

Let the show of color begin

Throughout the year, the bark of the Rainbow Eucalyptus will begin to flake away. At first a bright green layer will emerge beneath. Then, the exposed inner bark will delight with a change of color as it matures. Glossy splashes of blue, purple and orange give the tree a unique glow that will add an awesome display to its surroundings. At first glance admirers will wonder if it's even real.

Bring the look of a rain forest into your yard or landscape. You can even place it in a pot and turn it into a Bonsai tree. Don't deny your garden or landscape the beauty it deserves.

Get your Rainbow Eucalyptus today.

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Brad H.
United States

Great New Showpiece

This tree is awesome- I potted it in an airpot 2 days after arrival. It took off !! I'm seeing new growth and the tree is thriving!!

Stephen S.
United States

Arrived in beautiful shape

I have never ordered a tree that had to be shipped. The rainbow eucalyptus that I received was in beautiful condition. This purchase was a much better experience than anticipated. Fast Growing Trees knows how to ship plants.

United States

Eucalyptus review

I put it in a pot on my deck. It’s doing fine even with all the stormy weather we’ve had.

United States


This is a beautiful little tree with graceful foliage. The bark is faint but as it grows the colors will become more saturated. I would recommend this beautiful addition to your garden.

Kyle Butcher


I bought a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree from here 3 years ago. Come to find out now, that tree is 25 foot tall and its NOT A RAINBOW TREE. it is a REGULAR EUCALYPTUS TREE. all this time, effort, and love.. put into something that I dont even want.


We are so sorry to hear this! Can you send us some photos of your tree so we can take a look at what you received? We'll work with you to make this right!

Planting & Care

The Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) is a fast-growing evergreen, widely known for its gorgeous bark that peels away in strips revealing various shades of colors including green, red, orange, blue and purple. As the tree matures, the colors constantly change. The leaves are approximately 6 inches long with a narrow, spear-shape and a grey-ish green appearance in color. They are accompanied by white clusters of blooms that can appear on the tree at different times, depending on the age of the tree and climate. The Rainbow Eucalyptus is not only fast-growing, but will also grow to be very large reaching a mature height of 60-80 feet and width of 20-30 feet.

Seasonal Information: The Rainbow Eucalyptus is a full sun lover that does best in warmer climates that are frost-free and recommended for USDA growing zones 9-11. For hotter areas, the tree can take some shade.

Location: Plant your tree in a sunny location where it has plenty of room to grow. It’s an excellent tree to plant near a stream or pond where it can get all the water it needs. Ensure the soil is well draining as drainage is essential to the tree’s health. The rainbow can also tolerate some salt-spray, humidity and moisture.

Planting Directions:
1) Amend ⅓ of the soil with compost, moss or sandy potting soil to improve nutrients and drainage.
2) Water the tree well before planting.
3) Dig a hole just as deep as the root ball and twice as wide.
4) Carefully remove the tree from its pot ensuring not to disturb the root system too much. 
5) Position the tree in the hole ensuring that it is standing straight and begin backfilling the hole. Tamp down lightly on the soil as you go to ensure there are no air pockets.
6) Water the tree deeply and add mulch around the base of the tree to conserve soil moisture and keep competing growth away from the planting site.

Watering: Provide your tree with regular water and never let the soil get excessively dry. It’s the perfect tree to plant near bodies of water so that it can get all the water that it needs.

Fertilization: Your tree will grow well without the need of fertilizing. However, if your tree is struggling, choose a liquid fertilizer low in phosphorus and dilute it (or use half strength) but generally fertilizing is not required.

Pests and Diseases: The Rainbow Eucalyptus is generally not susceptible to serious pests or diseases.

Pruning: Since this tree is a rapid grower, it can quickly become unmanageable so pruning is recommended to help maintain the trees height and overall shape. Pruning should be done in the summer, but avoid pruning during excessive humidity which can cause fungal infections.

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