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Repel Mosquitoes Naturally: Top 5 Repellent Plants

It’s warming up, and it’s time to go outside! Shorts are making their way out of storage closets, so the perfect time of the year is upon us. The only downside? Having to repel mosquitoes.

It’s warming up, and it’s time to go outside! Shorts are making their way out of storage closets, so the perfect time of the year is upon us. The only downside? Having to repel mosquitoes.

Once mosquitoes start buzzing and biting, and your guests start itching, it’s over! Luckily, there is a way to naturally repel annoying bugs like mosquitoes with a few different plant varieties. We have a list of the top five plants that will repel pests for you, so you can fire up the grill and keep your party going without any bugs.


1. Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass is an attractive shrub that’s easy to grow in containers or in the ground. The long Lemon Grass blades grow upwards and arch over, giving the plant a fountain look. It’s recommended for growing zones 9 through 11, but if you live in a colder zone, simply place in a container and bring it indoors.


This grass has a natural citrus scent that repels mosquitoes while filling yards with a lovely aroma. Place a few around your patio, line your walkway with them, or place them on your deck. Your guests will be amazed that they aren’t getting bothered by bugs!

2. Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus Trees have beautiful blue-green foliage and peeling bark that attracts the eye. The trees can provide year-round color in warmer climates, providing yards with attractive hues while other trees are dormant. Also, as an added bonus, this tree will grow in containers.

Plus, these trees have a sweet aroma that’s similar to mint or pine, only sweeter. It boasts a fresh scent that repels mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas to boot. Each leaf has a pocket filled with eucalyptol, an organic pest-repelling oil. Place a few leaves around your house, in window sills, shelves, and under your pet’s bed to keep bugs away.

3. Citronella

Citronellas are a smaller shrub option that grow about 1 to 2 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide. Also, they make excellent container plants. These shrubs are fast growers that quickly reach their mature size and have thick green foliage to attract attention. Plus, they have a higher cold tolerance than the other plants on this list. If you live above growing zone 5, keep your citronella indoors during the winter.

These compact shrubs have a natural citrus fragrance to repel mosquitoes and is even nicknamed the mosquito plant. Their size and smell make them perfect to be placed anywhere. In the garden, on the deck, or in the kitchen window. They’ll even grow in hanging containers! Before your guests arrive, crush one of the leaves in order to make the fragrance stronger.


4. Phenomenal Lavender

Another compact container shrub to repel mosquitoes and fleas is Phenomenal Lavender. Plant it in the ground in a container. It grows 1 to 3 feet tall, and 1 to 3 feet wide, so it can be an attractive bushy shrub if left unpruned. Along with repelling bugs, it provides a burst of color every summer when its purple flowers start to bloom.


The lavender oil found in Phenomenal Lavender is used for a variety of things, like perfumes and aromatherapy, but most importantly it will keep mosquitoes and fleas away all summer. It makes the perfect accent shrub while attracting attention to your garden.


5. Barbecue Rosemary

For a multifunctional plant, check out the Barbecue Rosemary. It’s a fast growing, evergreen shrub that has a variety of uses. It stays green all year to give your garden attractive color and can be kept indoors during the winter.

Barbecue Rosemary has a distinct aroma. It’s very sharp and smells woodsy yet sweet, with hints of pine and lemon. The scent does an excellent job and is perfect to repel mosquitoes, especially at guest gatherings (so it’s aptly named). It can also be kept smaller or in containers.

Don’t let bugs ruin your parties this summer! Use plants to naturally repel mosquitoes and more. Along with keeping bugs away, these plants will provide your yard with wonderful aromas and beautiful colors. The time to plant is now!