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#1 - Monstera Fertilizer

Monstera Fertilizer

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The Nutrients You Need to Keep Monsteras Growing

Grow happier, healthier Monsteras with this easy-to-use fertilizer, specially balanced for Monsteras.

From the classic Monstera Deliciosa to the delicate, trailing Monstera Adansonii, your Monstera plants need the right nutrients to thrive. This GrowScripts Monstera Fertilizer has everything you need to promote healthy growth from season to season.

Even better? This easy-application liquid concentrate can be added at the same time you water your Monstera plants, for efficient and long-lasting fertilization. Just dilute the concentrate and apply directly to the soil.

Our Monstera Fertilizer is formulated by experts and designed to give your Monstera the right nutrients for healthier roots, more new growth and a greater visual impact in your home.

Don't wait until it's too late to give your Monsteras the nutrients they need. Order your Monstera Fertilizer today!

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