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Trees & Shrubs for Delaware

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Plants perfect for Delaware

Delaware Trees


If you live in the First State and you are looking to enhance the natural beauty of your residential landscape, increase your privacy or create some shady spots in your garden, come to the fast Growing Trees Nursery. Depending on whether you’re located in the Delmarva Peninsula, the Atlantic Plain or the Piedmont area, the type of trees and shrubs you choose will certainly depend on your region, especially if you want to get the most out of them. 

The state of Delaware has two hardiness zones. Though most of the state falls under zone 7, the south-eastern tip is in zone 8. This means that your lowest temperatures can range from 9-10 degrees Fahrenheit and your approximate last frost date will be late April in the SE and early April in the rest of the state. Bear this in mind when you are choosing and planting your trees and shrubs.

The Best Trees for Planting in Delaware

If you are looking for fast growing trees that will thrive in and may even be native to Delaware, exemplary choices for the First State are our October Glory, Scarlet Red and Crimson King Maples. For shade from the summer sun, we suggest the robust Hybrid Poplar and the romantic Weeping Willow.

If you want to add vivid color to your landscape, you can’t go wrong with our range of Dogwoods and Azaleas. If you’re a fruit lover you’re in luck. We have numerous fruit trees that will thrive in your temperature zones. These include the Meyer Lemon Tree with is stunningly bright and tart fruit, the juicy Nules Clementine and the luscious Red Haven Peach. You’ll also love our Black Tartarian Cherries and Granny Smith Apple trees.

Perhaps you want to plant a row of evergreens to create a living wall to increase your privacy and security. Cryptomeria Radicans, also known as Japanese Cedar, is a versatile ornamental cultivar. It will easily acclimatize to your zone and will grow at a fast pace. Alternatively, you may want to consider the feathery year-round foliage of our popular Thuja Giant or Leyland Cypress. Some of the best trees for Del. landscapes will be found at Fast Growing Trees Nursery.

A Large Variety of Trees for Delaware

Wherever you live, from Delmar to Arden or Dover to Fenwick Island, we have the trees for your unique region. Our wide selection of trees for Delaware are sure to provide some unique solutions for your individual landscaping requirements.

The Delaware state tree is the American Holly. This robust tree is native to the Eastern United States and grows between 35 and 65 feet. The holly has prickly evergreen leaves and bears showy red berries later in the year.

Greenwich Loam was nominated as the state soil in 2000 and is found in all of Delaware’s counties. This type of soil helps with drainage and adequate water storage. It also enhances plant growth and local wildlife. Greenwich Loam is a very productive soil; your trees will soon be providing your will summer shade and your fruit trees will be burgeoning.

Eye catching Delaware landscapes are usually a mixture of different types of hardy shade trees and flowering trees that grow well in the First State, as well as evergreen and fruit trees. Trees that adapt to the soil type in your specific region of are always the best choice for a pleasant and easy to care for landscape.

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