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Phenomenal™ Lavender

Phenomenal™ Lavender
Images shown are of mature plants
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉) 
      5-9 outdoors
   Map 5-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
1-3 ft.
Mature Width:
1-3 ft.
Full Sun
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Lavandula intermedia 'Phenomenal
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

A Fragrant and Tough Blooming Plant

Phenomenal™ Lavender is tough, and can survive in conditions that other lavender plants can't. Extreme heat and cold pose no threats!

They even grow extremely well in containers and can be placed on your porch or patio. Their purple blooms and compact size makes them the perfect decoration for table tops and or corners.

Phenomenal™ Lavender has multiple purple blooms, perfect to complete any garden. They make for a great focal point or accent piece.

The dark purple blooms will attract attention from all over the neighborhood. Everyone will stop to look as they drive by.

Family and guests will be delighted by the sweet floral lavender scent that will greet them as soon as they enter your yard. Joggers and walkers will be delighted by it as they go by.

The blooms attract butterflies while repelling unwanted guests, like deer.

This low maintenance plant only needs a little water in order to thrive. You don't have to baby it. Simply plant it and forget it until it catches your attention with its beautiful blooms and scent.

The tough nature of this Lavender Plant, they're a popular item that sells out fast! We recommend getting yours today, before they're gone!

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Customer Reviews

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richard h.
United States United States


had to cancel and received credit.


We are very sorry we weren't able to ship the lavenders to you! Mother Nature does not always work with us when it comes to having plants available when we expect them! We've ensured that you will receive a notification as soon as they are available again!

Oscar V.
United States United States

Phenomenal lavender

I had purchased 6 beautiful Phenomenal Lavender plants, of the original 6 plants 3 have died while the remaining 3 look very good and beautiful and thriving. Hopefully the remaining 3 plants will survive and perhaps spread in my pots that I have planted in.

John G.
United States United States

A pleasant addition to our yard and more is expected!

A pleasant experience. At this point, as we speak the plants are small, about 12 inches in height. They give me the an idea of slow growth. This may be lack of sunlight. Who knows? If necessary, I will transplant them to a different location. Still I am satisfied. I believe the experience of using FED EX was good.

Tim C.
United States

Great Product

Came in still looking great. Watered & let sit in the shade for 2 days then planted. Plants are still doing great 2 months later.

kathy J.
United States

6 pack of lavender

The plants arrived in good condition but, now one has died. The others are doing ok but am having to baby them some.

Planting & Care

Whether it be a garden or in a pot, lavender (Lavandula intermedia 'Phenomenal’) is a wonderful perennial plant that has multiple uses in the home and for your landscape. It is known for attracting butterflies and other pollinators while repelling unwanted guests such as deer with its heavenly scent. Lavender is fairly low maintenance, only needing small amounts of water to really thrive as it is quite drought tolerant. It will grow well in USDA zones 5-9 but also can be successfully grown in pots if you’re in an area that is too hot or cold to add to your garden. It will mature to a height/width of about 1-3 feet and make for a great focal point.

Choosing a location: Lavender will perform best if planted in a full sun location with a well draining soil whether in a pot, raised bed or garden. It prefers a more alkaline soil with a pH of around 6.5-7.3 so adding some lime to your soil will assist in maintaining the pH level. Set them 12-18 inches apart if planting multiple lavenders.

Planting Directions (in ground):
1) Once you have located a good spot where your lavender will receive at least 6 hours of sun every day, it’s time to prep your soil for proper growth. If you have an excess amount of clay, a slightly raised bed will work best for your plant(s).
2) Lavender likes dry soil conditions below and above ground. Dig your hole so it is just big enough for the root system. Drainage is essential so maybe work some 1 inch stones into the planting area to avoid over watering. A couple of handfuls of stones should be the perfect amount to add.
3) If you have very poor soil then blend together equal parts of well composted manure, lime and bone meal. Add about a ½ cup to the bottom of the hole and mix it in. This will give the lavender a healthy start while the lime will keep the pH in the proper range.
4) Gently loosen the soil and knock the plant from its container taking care not to damage the root system. Comb the roots lightly with your hands to help spread the roots out a bit.
5) Backfill the hole lightly tamping the soil to prevent air pockets from forming.

Planting Directions (potted):
1) Provide your lavender a pot that allows lots of room for it to grow. A good rule of “green thumb” is to go about 2 pot sizes larger than what it initially came in to get started.
2) A well draining, sandy potting mix (such as succulent mix) is most preferred. Fill the pot about ¾ of the way full and add a tablespoon of lime to make the soil pH a bit more alkaline.
3) Place your lavender in the pot and fill with the soil leaving a couple inches from the rim of the pot. Gently firm down the soil to avoid air pockets from forming. The crown of the lavender should stick about 1 inch above the soil.
4) Give the potted plant a good drink of water and add a couple inch layer of mulch to assist with retaining the soil moisture.
5) Place your newly potted lavender plant in a spot where it will receive at least six hours of direct sun every day. A good South facing window sheltered from the wind should be sufficient.

Watering (in ground): Good air circulation and drainage is a must. Avoid excessive moisture by allowing the soil to dry out a bit in between waterings. When there is a lot of heat and humidity, fungus can move in quickly if the soil retains too much moisture. One deep watering each week should suffice but to be sure, stick your index finger into the surrounding soil down to a depth of a couple inches. Feel around for moisture, if there is still some present, leave the plant be. If it feels like it has started to dry out and become sandy-like, give it a good watering.

Watering (potted): Once your lavender has become more established it will be quite drought tolerant but is more floriferous and bigger with regular waterings. The best way to determine if you need to water your potted lavender is to use your index finger. Stick it into the potting soil and if it feels dry, add just enough water to where you see it escaping the drainage holes and stop.

Fertilizing (in ground): Lavender is one of those special circumstances that actually likes nutrient poor soil. Excessive fertilizing may cause the plant to grow more foliage and inhibit bloom growth. This is a real issue especially if attempting to fertilize with something rich in nitrogen. Too much nitrogen can actually kill the plant. The best time for fertilizing your lavender is in the spring at the start of the growing season. Do not fertilize any other time as this can lead to tender growth that will die off in the winter season. About an inch of good compost around the plant will provide plenty of nutrients for some time to come. Another method is to use a slow release fertilizer but once you’ve done it, LEAVE IT ALONE. Again, excessive fertilizing can only lead to negative results.

Fertilizing (potted): A weekly feeding with a liquid fertilizer will improve the flower color as well as encourage prolific flowering.

Pruning (in ground): 
Right after the coldest part of your winter season is over will be the ideal time to prune your lavender plant. Proper pruning at this time is removing a

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