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Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus
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Schlumbergera X
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Product Description

Huge Blooms Just In Time For The Holidays

The Christmas Cactus, which is commonly referred to as the 'Zygo' Cactus, is a traditional Christmas gift due to its annual blooming period when it opens tons of large flowers every year just in time for the holidays.

Give the Christmas Cactus to your loved ones and they will be amazed when a mystery package arrives at their door containing a beautiful houseplant that's covered in large white blooms.

The cottony white blooms cause the weeping cactus to look as if it was just dusted with snow giving it a seasonal feel and decorative look. The bright blooms combined with the Christmas Cactus's gift-wrapped container make it the perfect gift.

With its compact size the Christmas Cactus can fit anywhere, on any table or counter top, allowing it to fit in with your holiday decorations perfectly. Use your Christmas Cactus as an accent piece or the center of attention.

While other gifts are forgotten the Cristmas Cactus never fades as it recycles its vivid blossoms to bloom every year. Many Christmas Cactuses are used as family heirlooms and passed down through generations for decades of holiday cheer.

The Christmas Cactus is a gift without demanding upkeep. This low maintenance cactus can survive in a variety of low light conditions and only needs a little water to thrive. Best of all, Christmas Cactuses love being grown in containers inside and don't need to be planted in the ground.

Christmas Cactuses are a seasonal item, in limited supply. Be sure to order yours today, before they are all gone.

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Planting & Care

The Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera X ‘Buckleyii') is also known as the Thanksgiving and/or Easter cactus. This admired cactus makes a beautiful winter-flowering houseplant, a wonderful addition to almost any indoor setting with their exotic red blooms. The Christmas Cactus is an easily propagated plant making it a winner for the holiday gift giving season. This full sun loving, slow growing cactus can live up to 20-30 years! They’re native to the Brazilian Rainforest so they can only be planted outdoors in USDA growing zones 10 and 11 where it will be consistently warm year round but it’s more preferred to grow them in pots as they are VERY sensitive to cold snaps and need the right kind of care. There is no specific mature height when it comes to Christmas cactuses as they continuously grow and add new segments to their branches year after year.

Choosing a location: Avoid any spot where the cactus may be around drafts or vents, they will not tolerate either. Proper sunlight exposure is essential along with a target temperature window. The optimal temperature for the Christmas cactus is 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. They will bloom for a longer period of time when in a cool temperature.

Planting directions: Aim for a North or East facing window in your home to give the cacti it’s necessary light exposure without having to worry about moving it.

1) Select a pot slightly larger than what the cactus originally came in with ample drainage holes. 1-2 pot sizes is best, anything bigger and you run the risk of retaining too much moisture in the soil.
2) Three parts potting soil to one part sand will be best for the potting medium. A well draining, lightweight potting mix is critical.
3) Carefully remove the cactus from its container and lightly comb the ball with your hands to free up the roots a little.
4) Fill in the area around the roots patting lightly to prevent air pockets and leave about an inch below the rim.
5) Lightly water the cactus to further settle the soil.
*Tip: When the cactus is ready to start blooming be sure that it is getting the necessary amount of darkness at night. They need a good 13-14 hours of continuous darkness each night for the blooms to set properly. Once bloomed, they can take light no matter when.

Propagating: The cactus can be propagated easily by using cutting shears and cutting Y-shape split from tips of the stem. However; when cutting, ensure that the cutting is being removed from the healthy foliage on the plant only. Plant the split a quarter of its length in sandy soil. Water evenly to ensure the cactus stays moist and place in a well-lit area, avoid direct sunlight exposure.To root new plants, cut back the shoots from the tips, signs of new growth just show within a few weeks.The cactus can then be transferred to another container.

Watering: Christmas cactuses will not tolerate wet feet for prolonged periods of time but they do respond well to a daily misting with a water bottle as they do enjoy humidity. Only water the cactus if the top 2 inches of the potting soil has dried. Your watering schedule should be modified slightly as the seasons change. When the blooms have ceased, stop watering for about 30 days. When the new growth starts coming out, begin watering again. Here is a watering regimen to guide you through:

*Outdoor; dry climate: Water the cactus every 2-3 days while it is warm and sunny.
*Indoor; cool and humid: Water once every week.
*Fall/Winter months: Water less frequently to promote blooming.

Pruning: One month after the cactus blooms, do some light pruning. This allows some “rest time” for it and will encourage more branching. Around March is the typical time to do your pruning.

Fertilizing: The ideal plant food for the Christmas cactus will be a bloom formula houseplant fertilizer or water soluble formula. 20-20-20 or 20-10-20 will make the ideal fertilizer for the Christmas cactus. It will benefit from monthly feedings during regular watering from late winter to late summer. You may also use a time release, balanced plant food slightly higher in phosphorus once a month in mid to late summer to increase flower production. Fertilizing monthly using one teaspoon per gallon water of Epsom salts can also fulfill the Christmas cactus fertilizer needs, which includes the high magnesium. Fertilization will need to stop in late summer or it causes the flower production to suffer. In the winter, since the cactus is not actively growing, there is no fertilization necessary.

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