bigroomIf you think that indoor plants are just there for design? Think again. Studies show they give benefits that you probably didn’t even know. When you envision a garden, you think about elegant flowers, plants and trees stunningly arranged outside your house. But why picture it just outside when you can also have it inside?

A garden inside your home. It’s not exactly an indoor garden where plants grow in almost every nook and cranny of the

Fast growing indoor plants present a lot of benefits. For one, it’s a lovely addition inside your home. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by decorative indoor plants? Another reason is that it A garden inside your home. It’s not exactly an indoor garden where plants grow in almosyogagirlcan be used as air purifier as indoor air happens to be more polluted than that from the outside.

A Breath of Fresh Air despite the Sick Building Syndrome The term “Sick Building Syndrome” refers to the feeling of being ‘sick’ (but no actual and apparent sickness) because of staying too long inside a building. It’s mostly a feeling of discomfort that indoor pollution makes worse.

Indoor pollution is a part of urban pollution. Instead of the usual culprits such as car or engine smoke, the pollutants for indoor pollution are mainly air conditioners. Other indoor sources such as plastics, synthetics, solvents, computers, copiers, and many others contribute to this pollution too. According to various researches, indoor air is always more polluted and obviously poses more threat than outdoor pollution. The danger isn’t just for your health, but also for your well-being.

But while a lot of threats are present inside your home, there’s a simpler and effective solution to it—house plants. Indoor plants are more than just décor. They absorb the pollutants and keep the air healthy for you and your family. That’s why having a small indoor garden wouldn’t hurt, on the contrary, it will actually be better for everyone.

Productivity and Creativity, like that of coffee Indoor plants aren’t just for homes. It can and should also be for offices and other buildings. According to a research from the University of Exeter, plants placed inside offices can help workers increase productivity by 38%, increase creativity by 45%, and their well-being by 47%. This means better work performance, lesser chances of being absent at work, thus, happier workers.

But why?

officeHaving plants and even art or other kinds of décor can make people around the office more comfortable and at ease. Things like these add to the overall ambience. Data from the University of Exeter research also suggests that better business performance lies when the business space is “enriched by the design decisions of people who work there.”

Inexpensive Health Benefits That Come with the Stunning Floral Design There may be a lot of medicines being marketed today but still, nothing beats the natural.

Besides providing cleaner air by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen, indoor plants have a variety of health wonders to offer such as:

1. Flowers help improve idea generation.
2. Leaves help reduce illness by balancing humidity.
3. The lush green view improves your mood.
4. They lessen stress levels.
5. They help office workers get higher job satisfaction.
6. They help you relax.
7. Indoor fruit plants give you fruits.
8. Plant foliage improves concentration.

Which indoor plant to get? After reading a lot on the benefits of having indoor plants, you’re possibly considering getting not just one. There are definitely a variety of indoor plants to choose from, perfect for either home or office.Here are a few suggestions:

1. Sago Palm Tree

sago palmThis plant can be enjoyed both outdoors or indoors as it has a tropical appeal that will make you feel like you’re on vacation. The best part is that they’re really easy to take care of and their foliage can certainly help you focus on work and at the same time help you relax.

2. Weeping Fig

weeping figThe Benjamin Ficus Tree or Weeping Fig can be used in landscapes or in pots next to doors or entry ways. It’s a versatile plant that can be in any room, be it kitchen, sun room or even living rooms.

3. Calamondin Orange Tree

orangeIf you’re looking for a house or office plant with fruits to bear, then the Calamondin Orange tree might just be what you’re looking for. Its fruit can be harvested all year round and if that still isn’t enough, it has a heavenly fruity scent and lovely blossoms.

4. Peach Sorbet Blueberry Bush

berrybushWhile traditional blueberry bushes grow tall, this one just stays as a compact shrub, exactly what you need in your office or living room. It has an attractive foliage that can surely relax the most stressed person you know. The large delicious berry it produces is an added bonus.

5. Coversation Piece Azalea

azaleaIf you prefer a more blossom-y indoor plant, an azalea can do that job. Its flowers are in pinks, whites, and reds with cheerful bright green leaves that can help the creative juices flowing, not to mention it being a great décor in any place.

Depending on your mood, your preference, and perhaps the type of job you’re doing and even if you’re good in gardening or not, there’s certainly a house plant that will be perfect for you and will give your well being and creativity a boost. Just don’t forget to know your growing zone to be certain that the plant can thrive in your home or office’s natural environment. If still unsure, you can always ask help and advice from the gardening experts to know which indoor plant will be perfect not just for your home, but for you as well.

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