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Corkscrew Willow

Corkscrew Willow
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 4-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -20℉) 
      4-8 outdoors
   Map 4-8 outdoors
Mature Height:
20-30 ft.
Mature Width:
15-30 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Salix matsudana
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

There's No Weeping with this Willow Tree

Fast growing and full of grace, the Corkscrew Willow will make an eclectic addition to your garden or landscape that will set it apart from all others.

As its name implies, the Corkscrew's interesting branch system twists horizontally and forks vertically, giving it a distinctive look your neighbors will admire.

A Tree with a Twist-There's something for Every Season

As the tree grows, it offers a variety of visual benefits with each season.

Springtime brings delicate buds that sprout upon twisted branches, followed by graceful summertime leaves that help provide shade.

As autumn approaches, the Corkscrew Willow's leaves morph to a brilliant yellow that's sure to draw attention.

Create a Winter Wonderland in your own Backyard

In the winter when the leaves are gone you'll have a fuller appreciation for the Corkscrew Willow's incredible trademark branches.

Take pictures of your magnificent tree with a snow covered backdrop and make your own postcards to send out for the holidays.

You can even create wonderful wreaths from branch clippings!

One of the Fastest Growing Trees you can put in your Landscape

If your growth requirement is speed, this is the tree for you. In fact, the Corkscrew Willow grows so fast you should take that into consideration when determining the planting location.

The great news is it will top out at a nice height of about 30 feet. Full sun, partial shade-even poor soil quality won't faze the growth of the adaptable Corkscrew Willow.

Isn't it time you planted one?

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United States

corkscrew willow

the trees arrived in excellent condition. they seem to be doing fine. i’m pleased with the service and the product.

Kate R.

Willow Delight

This tree is lovely and healthy. It is by far my favorite of all the trees and shrubs that I have gotten this year. Bravo!


Fast growing favorite

I planted the corkscrew willow 3 years ago (got tree on clearance special). The tree is by far the fastest growing of the 20 different tree species planted that year. I interwove some shed deer antlers in the branches.

Michelle Balenger

Great little tree

So far so good! Just planted a month ago. Looked great when arrived. Will give update in the Spring. Thanks Fast-Growing-Trees!

Trish Hedin

Hot Weather Champ

I planted this tree in the heat of the summer. Almost all trees that I have planted this summer have gone through a serious period of stress (usually losing all of their leaves) and then making a comeback....not the case with this willow. It not only didn't stress....but is thriving. I'm impressed.

Planting & Care

Corkscrew willows provide a pleasing visual effect through their display of curved branches. As the name implies, the branches grow in a spiral, corkscrew fashion twisting horizontally and forking vertically. In springtime you’ll see delicate buds that sprout upon twisted branches, followed by graceful summertime leaves. As autumn approaches, the leaves morph to a brilliant yellow that’s sure to draw attention. They generally perform best in full to partial sun and grow well in USDA growing zone 4-8. This particular variety (Salix Matsudana) is a fast grower and matures to the height of 20-30 feet and a width of 15-30 feet.

Location: When planting Corkscrew willow trees, find a site that offers full to partial sun. Plant in a moist location away from underground utilities, sidewalks, driveways and patios for best results.

Planting Instructions: Select a site with well draining soil for your Corkscrew Willow.

1) Dig your hole 3 times the width and slightly shallower than the root ball.
2) Loosen the soil, in and around the hole so the roots can easily break through.
3) Use your fingers to separate the roots of your Corkscrew Willow and gently position downward in the hole. The top of the root flare (where the roots end and the trunk begins) should be about an inch above the surrounding soil.
4) Hold the tree straight as you begin to backfill the site tamping down the soil as you go.
5) Apply water to settle the soil and remove the air pockets then mulch to retain soil moisture.

Mulching: Protect the roots in winter against the chill by applying a thick layer of pine needles, bark or wood mulch. Keep the mulch about 2 inches from the trunk as it will promote rot and fungus if touching the tree. The mulch will also help with keeping the soil moist and keep competing growth away from the planting site.

Watering: Water Corkscrew Willow weekly 2-3 times a week so the soil stays moist during the first growing season. After the first year, you will only need to water once weekly unless during times of extreme heat or drought.

Fertilizing: This tree doesn’t normally require fertilizing but if the leaves are pale and the growth is slow, you can fertilize in spring with a well balanced fertilizer using a 10-10-10 formula.

Pruning: Prune Corkscrew Willow regularly during the growing season to remove dead branches for a healthier tree.

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