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Rhode Island

Trees & Shrubs for Rhode Island

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Plants perfect for Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Garden tours are a favorite pastime for Rhode Island gardeners, and it’s a terrific place to get ideas for what to successfully plant in the local region. Without a doubt, you’ll find innumerable native plants that are guaranteed winners in the landscape because they are accustomed to growing in specific USDA gardening zone.

On a garden tour, you’d surely spot species such as the beloved American Holly tree that is unbelievably adaptable and easy to grow. This evergreen grows in virtually any soil, is deer resistant and delightfully displays red berries all winter long.

Hemlock is frequently spotted all over Rhode Island thanks to its ability to live anywhere! Cold winters are no match for Hemlock’s sturdy nature, and it can be grown in the absolutely worst soil conditions. The beautiful weeping nature of this tree brings ornamental value to the landscape, and the branches are easy to use to make wreaths and for indoor flower arrangements.

Flowering Dogwoods are a local favorite in Rhode Island, and should not be overlooked as a marvelous addition to the landscape. The springtime blooms are magnificent when the tree is planted in clusters, and it is not a tall tree variety, so it can be placed even in small gardens.

If you want to add a nut tree to your property, we suggest the Chinese Chestnut as great choice in RI. You get a mountain of tasty chestnuts every year, and the tree provides a gorgeous canopy of shade wherever needed. This is an extraordinarily attractive tree to own.

Screen out neighbors with a trusty local evergreen, Emerald Green Thuja.  This tree only grows 8-12 feet and always provides a lush, bright green pop to ground your garden around. It makes for a terrific hedge or you can plant them to flank a doorway. Ring annual flowers around it for eye-catching appeal. Just plant it in full to filtered sun and Thuja will reward you with its easy to care for nature.

Try Lavender Rhododendron are a staple of Rhode Island garden tours, as they are trouble-free and versatile. Even a beginner will be a whiz with this popular Rhodo! The mauve blooms are showy and huge in early spring, and the evergreen foliage ensures a good looking shrub no matter what the season.

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