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Eugenia Spiral Topiary

Eugenia Spiral Topiary
Images shown are of mature plants

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 30℉) 
      4-11 patio
      9-11 outdoors
   Map 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
Mature Height:
5-6 ft.
Mature Width:
3-4 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Syzygium paniculatum "Globulus"
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

If You Want Unique Greenery without Spending a Lot of Green, this Intricate Spiral Topiary is a Top Choice

WANTED:  Special Home for Distinctive Plant
This is one showy plant that you’ll be proud to display. Its naturally artistic frame exhibits a blend of foliage and fruit that visually outperform other topiaries. As one of our best sellers, we’re able to extend an exceptionally low price to you.

Whether you wish to plant several in pots to create an interesting display - or just one as an accent to an existing grouping; you’ll find that this plant adds a superior element to any setting.  Perhaps you’d like a container plant that can be enjoyed indoors or out.  This versatile Spiral can be transported with ease. A few steps inside or out and you’ve got a new addition that adds interest to that space.

Why We Know You’ll Love it…

  • Unique Beauty
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Versatile
  • Edible Berries

Undeniably Attractive!
You’ll instantly add a touch of class and elegance to your home and garden with the Eugenia Globulus spiral topiary.

As new leaves develop, you’ll enjoy their pinkish-bronze color before they transform to evergreen. A cascade of small dark green leaves swirl around the grayish-brown bark of the Globulus shrub. The texture of the tightly bunched leaves against the rough, upright bark adds a level of intrigue and sophistication anywhere it resides.

In spring, small, white flowers sporadically bloom all over the Globulus. By summer, plum-colored berries cover the shrub. Up close or far away—this bush is a beauty and deserves every compliment that comes its way!   

Easy to Grow & Maintain
Eugenia Globulus requires little maintenance beyond regular watering. Plant in well-drained soil in full sun in cooler climates and partial shade in warmer ones. It’s a slow grower, so requires minimum pruning.  Enjoy the appeal of a topiary without a ton of work.

BUT!  If you enjoy pruning and shaping greenery then, sky is the limit with this flexible plant.  Keep its captivating spiral shape by regular pruning, and have fun creating works of art by adding your own special touch to its appearance.

This shrub is also disease-resistant.

Naturally Accommodating-Outdoors and Indoors
The Globulus Topiary can be planted outside in warmer climates where temperatures don’t creep below freezing. If you have spouts of cold weather, no problem!  Plant it in a container that you can transport outside in the summer and inside in the winter and enjoy its beauty year-round. When indoors, it thrives with access to morning sunlight, and you’ll want to keep a constant temperature.

Get More than Beauty!  Get Berries!  
This Australian brush cherry topiary produces berries that are safe to eat. The berries have a sour taste that may require a particular palate. But these berries are popular in other countries where they are mashed into jams and jellies. If you’re not brave enough to try one, your woodland friends will enjoy them. Birds and squirrels love eating these berries. Butterflies are also attracted to the spring flowers. You can watch your beautiful Globulus topiary nourish the wildlife around you.

If you’re looking for a plant to truly add value and beauty to your life, this is it.  Because we are an extremely competitive grower of the Eugenia Globulus Spiral, we typically sell out quickly.  Order now while we’re stocked and have yours shipped right to your door this week!

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Michael Dunning

They looked good

Both trees looked great when I put them in pots next to my front door. Somebody stole both of them a week later.

Tiffany Russell


I bought this as a gift for my mom. She hasn't stopped gushing about it since she got it...and that was months ago! This is a beautiful unique gift that I can't recommend highly enough!

Planting & Care

Location: The Eugenia spiral grows outdoors in USDA plant hardiness zones 10 to 11. However, it is also commonly grown indoors/outdoors in a container. The plant is usually trained and trimmed to form a spiral shape topiary.

Outdoor Planting Instructions: When planting the Eugenia spiral outdoors choose a planting location that is well-draining. The shrub will tolerate virtually any soil type but prefers slightly acidic soil conditions. If the soil contains high levels of clay, you should till sand or compost into the planting soil to improve drainage. The Eugenia spiral does not tolerate wet roots for an extended time period.

The planting location should offer full sun. In areas with exceptionally hot temperatures, the Eugenia spiral will benefit from full sun in the morning and afternoon shade.

Dig a hole that is twice the diameter of the plant's root ball and the same depth then place the root ball into the hole. Ideally, the root system should sit about 1 ½ inches below the soil’s surface. Fill in the hole and tamp the soil down to remove air pockets.  Water the plant thoroughly to help settle the soil around the plant’s roots.

Indoor Planting Instructions: Choose a pot that is twice as large as the plant’s root ball and has adequate drainage holes in the base. Use a general purpose potting soil that contains one part loam, one part compost, and two parts sand. Place 2 to 3 inches of potting soil into the base of the pot. Place the plant’s root ball onto the soil. Fill the container with potting soil. Gently press the soil down around the plant’s root system to remove any air pockets. Water the plant thoroughly to remove any air pockets and settle the potting soil. Place the plant in a south or west facing window. The plant may benefit from supplemental fluorescent lighting in the absence of full sun exposure.

Irrigation: Keep the Eugenia spiral moist but not overly wet.

Fertilizer: Fertilize the Eugenia spiral every three to four weeks with a 10-10-10 fertilizer. Dilute the fertilizer with a rate of a ¼  teaspoon per gallon. Avoid fertilizing the plant during the winter months.

Salt Buildup: Container grown plants often build up salt in the soil which can cause the plant to lose its leaves. Immerse the plant’s container in distilled water to help remove the salt from the dirt. This is a process called “leeching.”

Pruning: Anchor one end of a piece of twine to the top of the plant and wind the twine down the trunk of the plant. Make sure the twine is loose and not too tight. Use the twine as a guide to determine which branches to remove to create and maintain the plant’s shape.

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