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Greenleaf American Holly Shrub Ilex opaca 'Greenleaf'

  • Greenleaf American Holly Shrub

    Greenleaf Hollies take less pruning because grow in more of an upright habit.

  • Greenleaf American Holly Shrub
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉) 
      5-9 outdoors
   Map 5-9 outdoors
  • Mature Height:
  • 10-15 ft.
  • Mature Width:
  • 10-15 ft.
  • Sunlight:
  • Full Sun
  • Growth Rate:
  • Moderate
  • Botanical Name:
  • Ilex opaca 'Greenleaf'
  • Does Not Ship To:
  • AZ

Product Description

America's Most Popular Holly in Shrub Form

Why Greenleaf American Holly Shrubs?

From coastal Massachusetts to Central Florida, the Greenleaf American Holly Shrub delights with evergreen foliage in a sleek, pyramidal form. It's no wonder why it's America's favorite holly.

If you're looking for the look of a classic holly in a smaller growth habit, look no further. The Greenleaf Holly Shrub delivers all the benefits of the original in a more compact form for smaller landscapes. Plus, since it doesn't set berries, you won't have to worry about pesky critters.

It's an effortless, upright hedge for borders, driveways, property lines, and beyond. Growing in a variety of climates and resisting mildew and pesky insects with ease, the Greenleaf American Holly does it all...even thriving in wet, soggy areas that cause other plants to die back.

Why is Better

We’ve planted, grown, and shipped your Greenleaf American Holly Shrub with absolute, you reap the benefits. Your American Holly boasts an intact root system, meaning that it’s ready to grow by the time it arrives at your door.

It couldn't be easier: order from the comfort of home and get exactly what you need delivered to your doorstep.

If you love the eye-catching elegance of Hollies and evergreen foliage, all without effort, this is the shrub for you. Order your Greenleaf American Holly Shrub today...before they're gone!

Customer Reviews & Photos

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Plant your Greenleaf American Holly Shrub in an area that receives full to partial sunlight (4 to 8 hours of sunlight per day).

When you're ready to plant, dig a hole that's about 2 to 3 times the width of the root ball (and just as deep), place your Holly, and backfill the soil. Add organic material to your soil to lighten the texture and improve drainage. Finally, mulch the surrounding soil to preserve moisture and water once planting is complete.

2. Watering: Keep your soil moist until your shrub is established. Once your Holly Shrubs are established, they're drought tolerant and only need extra water during dry spells. Until then, we recommend checking the surrounding soil for dryness (use your finger to check the soil about 2 inches down).

3. Fertilizing: Each year, fertilize your Greenleaf American Holly in early spring with a slow-release fertilizer for an acid-loving shrub (something like Holly-Tone).

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