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Episode 1: Fruit Trees for Small Spaces

Welcome to Family Planting with! 

In this video, meet the Cooks and learn more about their home planting project - adding fruit trees to their small, Los Angeles home.

Maura and her family want to make their new house feel like home - and foster an appreciation for agriculture with their young children. See how the Cooks plan out their planting, find the right trees and materials, and set themselves up for planting success with! 

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Episode 2: Planting a Patio Fig Tree

Follow along as the Cooks incorporate home-grown fruit into their small outdoor space!

Maura and her family want to introduce a new fruit to their young children, so they purchased a Brown Turkey Fig from 

Watch them unbox their Brown Turkey Fig, transplant it into a patio pot, and share helpful tips for fig tree planting and care - including how to harvest your very own figs!

Watch Episode 3 now!

Episode 3: Planting a Meyer Lemon Tree

See the Cooks plant the most popular citrus, the Meyer Lemon Tree, at their Los Angeles home!

Sweet and tangy, the Meyer Lemon is perfect for fresh lemonade - and the Cooks are excited to make their own with home-grown fruit.

In this video, Maura and her family pot their Meyer Lemon Tree from, and share tips to help your Meyer Lemon trees thrive!

Watch Episode 4 now!

Episode 4: Planting an Arbequina Olive Tree

Maura and her family want to add some nature to their indoor space, and the Arbequina Olive tree is the perfect choice.

It’s pet-friendly, low-maintenance and extremely hardy - great for families and even first-time growers.

Plus, you can even harvest your own olives!

In this video, see the Cooks plant their Arbequina Olive tree from, incorporate it into their family space, and share tips for olive tree watering, light requirements, pollination and more!

Watch Episode 5 now!

Episode 5: Planting a Cold-Hardy Avocado Tree

To finish up this Family Planting series, the Cook family plants a Cold-Hardy Avocado Tree at their Los Angeles home!

The Cold-Hardy Avocado adds a special, exotic touch to your home or patio.

And the best part? It’s easy to grow!

Watch Maura and her family plant a Cold-Hardy Avocado Tree from, and share tips for preventing pests, avocado tree care and more!

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