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Trees & Shrubs for Arkansas

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Plants perfect for Arkansas

Arkansas Trees

Arkansas residents enjoy a temperate climate that tends toward higher temperatures and humidity in the southern lowlands and cooler climes in the mountainous regions. The natural State is famous for its inherent beauty which Arkansans like to match in their residential landscapes with a range of fast growing shade trees and colorful shrubs. Which type of tree you choose will depend on whether you live in the Timberlands, the Ozarks, the Delta or Central River Valley.

The Best Trees for Planting in Arkansas

If you’re looking for additions to your Arkansas residential landscape, we recommend native shrubs and shade trees that are acclimatized to your region.
Some great additions are our Autumn Blaze Maple with its flaming fall color, the golden Forsythia and the Autumn Purple Ash. These trees are fast growing and never fail to delight with their vibrantly colored foliage.

The Honey Locust is another popular native to Arkansas and our Sunburst Variety maintains its stunning golden foliage all year round, without the inconvenience of thorns and seedpods. Another Natural State native is the American Sycamore. This tree is happy to sink its roots into Arkansas soil and grows up to 6 feet each year, providing a thick shade canopy.

Perhaps you prefer evergreen trees to maintain some foliage through the winter and help increase your privacy. Fast Growing Trees Nursery has just what you need. Consider the Leyland Cypress, the most popular privacy tree in the United States. This drought tolerant tree grows up to four feet per year and thickens to create a solid wall. Chinese Private is another favorite. Great for cultivating in rows for privacy hedges or marking boundary lines, this bush has a variegated leaf of silver and green, making it stand out above your average hedgerow.

Whether you live in Arkansas’ Ozark Plateau, the Arkansas Valley, the Ouachita Mountains, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain or the West Gulf Coastal Plain, you will be pleased with our selection of trees that are unique to your region. Some of the hardiest trees for AR can be found at Fast Growing Trees Nursery.

The Loblolly Pine is Arkansas’ state tree. With its dark green needles and reddish-brown cones, this tree grows up to 100 feet tall with a 35 feet spread. The fast-growing pine is drought tolerant and thrives in acidic soils.

The State soil of Arkansas is the Stuttgart Soil. This soil has a silt loam upper layer with red, silt clay sub layers. The moderately-drained soil covers around 200,000 acres throughout the state, mainly on the Lower Mississippi Valley and the Grand Prairie. Other types of soil are present including alluvial, shale and limestone, which may require some minor amendments before planting but will be fertile enough for your fast growing shade tree in no time.


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