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Instant Landscape Beauty: Our Top Picks

Instant Landscape Beauty: Our Top Picks

Adding trees to your landscape can bring about fresher air, privacy, and shade to relax under, all while increasing your property value. It’s no secret that a beautiful landscape can increase the value of a home and neighborhood. And it’s even better when they’re fast growing.

Decide where your trees will look best and step back – before you know it, you’ll have mature trees to enjoy. Check out our favorites below.

1. The Thuja Green Giant

Thuja Green Giants are powerful weapons for your landscape since they’re lush and wonderfully luxuriant. Thujas are pyramidal-shaped evergreens that grow up to five feet per year. When planted in rows, their thick foliage grows together, creating a solid living wall.

Thujas are often a popular choice for the landscape because their soft, feathery foliage has an attractive textured look. A glowing green hue that offers year-round beauty tops off this go-to tree.

Thuja Foliage

Best of all, Thujas can handle freezing temperatures with ice and snow, as well as extreme heat and droughts. They’re even more resistant to pests and diseases than other evergreen varieties, making them an unstoppable, fast growing option for yards.

2. The Royal Empress Tree

Royal Empress Trees shoot out of the ground with a growth rate of six feet per year or more. We’ve heard reports of Royal Empress trees growing over 10 feet in one season. No waiting is involved for this dazzling flowering tree that explodes with huge purple blossoms early in the spring. The blooms fill the landscape with a sweet fragrance that is similar to gardenias and jasmine. They have huge, heart shaped green leaves that create shade for your yard and home.

And you’ll receive a fast growing tree that’s nearly impossible to kill. They’re recommended for growing zones 7 through 9 and withstand extreme heat and droughts in hottest areas of the south. Royal Empress Trees are so tough that they even survive getting run over by lawn mowers. If damaged, or when cut back down to the ground Royal Empress Trees spring up stronger and faster than before.

3. The Heritage River Birch

The Heritage River Birch will quickly add unique beauty to the surrounded scenery, with a growth rate of up to 3 feet per year. No two River Birch Trees are the same because they can have between 1 to 3 trunks that lead up to lush green canopies.

They will immediately add color to your yard with their bright yellow fall foliage. Plus, their light gray bark peels away to reveal younger, brightly-colored bark with shades of salmon and pink. The bark stands out with vivid hues during the barren winter when other trees are dormant and colorless.

River Birches

Even better, Heritage River Birches have a stronger resistance to pests and diseases than other varieties and are recommended for growing zones 4 through 8. They’re an excellent option for a fast growing tree that will thrive in northern areas.

4. Willow Hybrid

The Willow Hybrid is the best choice for a fast growing privacy wall that blocks out neighbors or roads. By growing at least six feet tall or more a year after becoming established, their lush green foliage creates a living fence. Your solid green wall will be so attractive that you’ll get lost in its tranquil beauty and forget about what’s on the other side.

Willow Hybrids are the go to tree for privacy all over the nation because they are recommended for growing zones 4 through 9. They can handle the freezing conditions in Maine and the summer heat in southern Texas. Plus, they are extremely adaptable to poor soil conditions even if it’s sandy or heavy with clay.

5. American Red Maple 

There is little to no wait with the American Red Maple. It grows up to three feet per year, so forget waiting for a large, beautiful shade tree. You’ll almost instantly have a mature maple tree.

Plus, the American Red Maple is simply beautiful. It has a thick canopy filled with lush green leaves, perfect for hanging out under during a warm sunny day. In the fall, its green leaves turn a shade of bright red for a vibrant fall foliage display.

Red Maple

You can find the right tree for your landscape for any project with these fast growing trees. Whether you need a living privacy fence or ornamental flowering trees in your landscape, these fit the bill. Consider a tree with a rapid growth rate in order to have a full-bodied, mature tree in your yard, without waiting for years before your tree takes off. See more of our favorites here!

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