It is now August, which means we have approximately 51 days left until fall! Goodbye cruel heat and pestering humidity, hello to cozy sweaters, smores, and hot chocolate. Let’s take a moment to gather ourselves from all of this happiness and get down to business.

Late summer into fall is the perfect time to plant because it’s not too cold but it’s not too hot; I know what you’re thinking, ” but spring isn’t too cold or too hot” Indeed, you are correct, however during the fall warm soil and cool air stimulates root growth to help your plants get established before the ground freezes in the winter. When you plant your tree in the fall it helps the roots to grow strong in the fall and even stronger at the beginning of spring. If you want your garden to look even better next year than it did this year, here are 5 easy tips to prepare for fall.

1.) Mulch

Laying mulch over your soil is the perfect way to lock in any moisture that is below it. Lay about 2 to 3 inches of mulch over the surface of the plant. Not only will this lock in moisture, but it will also help with keeping weeds away!

 2.) Compost

“Woman gardener using garden fork to first remove uncomposted food waste from top of composting bin pile, before spreading the compost below onto a vegetable garden.”

Composting is an easy, and affordable, way to enrich your soil. You can use things like fresh grass clippings, fruit and veggie scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, and much more to get started. All you have to do is keep it stored away in an area that stays about 120 to 160 degrees because that is when it decomposes the best. During the winter months, you can buy an indoor composter and place it in your kitchen. It works the same way, but it is a lot smaller. If you’re not that patient, which I completely understand,  you can always go to your local home improvement store or nursery and buy compost there.

2.) Smaller Plants With Bigger Benefits

Young pumpkin sprouts in the peat pots on wooden background. Seedling.

Unlike larger plants, smaller plants can cost you less than 5 bucks majority of the time. This is the perfect time to take advantage of these great steals. They’re easier to grow because of their size and the roots will have more than enough time to get established before spring. Don’t worry about it being small right now because the winter rain will help them catch up to the bigger ones.

 3.) Deep Watering

Soak the plants deeply with the water hose while they’re still inside of their container before planting. This will ensure that your plants have enough water before placing them in the ground. Afterward, use an irrigation system during autumn to ensure that the plants are getting enough water.

5.) Tree Support

A young woman is in her garden and is tying a tree to a stake

Last but certainly not least. Let’s talk about support.During the fall, the wind begins to get a lot stronger. Use some tree support to ensure that your tree’s roots do not get damaged. Try our tree planting kit. It comes with a bag of root rocket, a tree guard, and a tree planting kit for 14 bucks. More bang for your buck!

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