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Sundown Orange Bougainvillea

BOUGAINVILLEA 'Sundown Orange'

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Covered in Brilliant Tri-Colored Blooms!

Few ornamentals rival the highly prized hues of the Sundown Orange ‘Bougainvillea.’ This vibrant tropical vine offers three truly stunning stages of color, each bright and fiery as a summer sunset! The flowers themselves are delicate and white, while the intense color is provided by surrounding bracts. These papery, petal-like leaves start off as hot orange, turn to bright coral, and fade to a deep salmon pink. Large clusters of vivid colors are densely packed against deep green foliage, creating one of the most stunning displays a bougainvillea can offer.

This native of South America is often seen spilling over archways and verandas of adobe homes. You can expect a huge splash of color from this show-stopping tropical vine!

Incredibly Versatile Container Plant
The Sundown Orange ‘Bougainvillea,’ with its long arching and pliable vines, is coveted by bonsai enthusiasts for the way it responds to pruning. This perennial is easily trained; you get to decide the shape and size it will take! If you’d prefer it to be quaint and shrub-like for your patio, it is easily kept compact in container. For more height, train the woody vines to twist into trunk-like braids to create a small flowering tree. Or, allow it to take off up a trellis, and brighten up any corner of your porch with flame-colored frills of bloom!

If you have the space for more impact, let it branch out from its container and support it up a wall, or easily drape it over an entranceway. Imagine inviting guests into your home through a bright canopy of color!

The Sundown Orange ‘Bougainvillea’ is easily pruned any time of year, so simply cut it back before temperatures begin to lower and bring it inside for winter. It is sure to return with another showy display of blooms in spring!

Unique Choice for Hanging Baskets
Since the growth of this vine isn’t necessarily upright, it can effortlessly trail down the sides of hanging planters. It’s a truly unique choice; the vines will seem to be pouring out color from their long, elegant tresses. Unlike pansies and petunias that live for just one season, if stored inside for winter, this perennial will return to adorn your porch year after year!

Fast Growing Vine Offers Quick, Colorful Coverage
The sky is the limit with what this vigorous vine can offer your landscape, from privacy, to shade, to groundcover. It grows fast without being invasive, and in one season will provide warm regions a blanket of color, for virtually any sunny location you choose! It will quickly climb a pergola or arbor providing your family privacy and shade. Train it to cover fences for a dense and luscious wall of dark green foliage and bright orange blooms. Easily lead it through porch railings to create privacy on your deck, while you’ll have a close-up view of the butterflies and humming birds admiring the blooms!

This sun-loving vine thrives in hot and sunny conditions and will be evergreen when planted in the ground in warm regions. Plant several in a row and maintain a privacy hedge for your home, and enjoy month after month of bright and fiery color from your gorgeous living border!

Easy and Adaptable Ornamental
This beautiful vine is strong, and its blossoms hang tough through windy weather. It is deer resistant, pest resistant, and handles drought with ease. It is tolerant of most soil types. It needs only good drainage and plenty of sun, and it will supply bloom after bloom of color, bright as a sunset sky!

Order the Sundown Orange ‘Bougainvillea’ now to explore the possibilities this versatile vine has to offer you!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

Mature Height:10-30 ft.
Mature Width:10-20 ft.
Sunlight:Full Sun
Growth Rate:Fast
Botanical Name:BOUGAINVILLEA 'Sundown Orange'
Does Not Ship To:AZ,OR
Grows Well In Zones:3-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 3-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 30℉)

Customer Reviews & Photos


Based on 8 reviews

Donna B.
Verified Buyer

Showing Out

This is one of our favorite flowering shrubs although our zone does not allow for perennial planting. Spending time in Mexico and California- bougainvillea is all over the place. But this guy recently took off and is really showing out. Beautiful orangeish blooms. We are very happy.

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Ken P.
Verified Buyer

Sundown Orange bougainvillea

This plant was packaged well like all plants from FGT. Unfortunately, the carrier mishandled it, so it arrived later than originally expected and slightly damaged. Customer service at FGT is outstanding. My concerns were addressed and a solution offered quickly. It's been a few weeks but the plant is now thriving and blooming.. Not as orange as it should be, but perhaps I can adjust soil PH and get it to do something different. At present it's a lovely Coral, deep pink.L I live in Colorado so i am enjjoying my bougainvillea outdoors for now and will winter indoors. I am glad to have found FGT.

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Media from review #2
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Carolyn T.
Verified Buyer

Seems to be doing quite well

My plant arrived with flowers and leaves intact. I replanted in larger pot, set it in a sunny spot, and it looks great.

Was this review helpful?
Ken P.
Verified Buyer

Sundown Orange

This plant arrived a couple of days later than the carrier originally estimated. It seems to have gotten lost somewhere in Kansas. When it finally got to me the box had been beat up. It was ready for a drink. One of the branches was broken likely from the carriers poor handling. Certainly none of this is the fault of FGTrees. I repotted the bougainvillea, and although it's struggling, I have hopes of it thriving and producing beautiful "flowers" at some point. Because it wasn't blooming, I haven't had a chance to see how lovely the flowers will be. A very different experience from the positive one when I received the majestic purple.

Fast Growing Trees Plant ExpertWe're reaching out privately to get an update on how the plant is doing and see if it needs to be replaced.
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Patrice S.
Verified Buyer

Bougainvillea !!

Lovely plant. blooming now .

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