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Autumn Purple Ash

Autumn Purple Ash
Images shown are of mature plants
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  • 5-6 ft.

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 3-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -30℉) 
      3-9 outdoors
   Map 3-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
50-70 ft.
Mature Width:
30-50 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple'
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Product Description

Brilliant Fall Colors to Delight and Astound

- Spectacular autumn foliage
- Highly adaptable to various types of soil
- Relatively drought resistant

The Autumn Purple Ash turns from a glossy green into red and finally to a brilliant purple in the fall.

The Purple Ash holds its fall color longer than almost any other tree - enjoy the show the entire season!

Large leaves block sunlight, cutting your cooling bills. A regal looking ornamental tree that makes a great focal point for your lawn.

Perfect for lining streets, especially in areas that receive a lot of snow. Salt debris will not harm this beauty.

Autumn Purple Ash trees thrive best in moist areas, but are tolerant of many climates. These deciduous trees usually grow up to 3-5 ft. a year and into a pyramidal shape when young, then flourish into a pleasing oval shape at maturity.

Thrives in northern climates as well as warmer ones, preferring Growing Zones 3-9.

When you order from Fast Growing Trees, you get a higher quality, more attractive tree. Each Autumn Purple Ash tree goes through an extensive grafting process that guarantees incredible fall color. Few other nurseries do this, because it takes an extra year and more labor.

Order while supplies last. Our Purple Ash is a customer favorite and sells out every year!

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Robert M.

Not much growth

I planted 3+ months ago and watered regularly. It arrived as a 5-6 foot stick with 8 or 10 leaves tufting out of the top. Not a whole lot of change. I followed planting instructions and have been patiently waiting for some sign of limb growth. It's still alive so maybe there will be a growth spurt in the fall.

L V.

Off to good start

Autumm Purple Ash tree planted last spring doing well. I suspect I will see lots of growth next year!!

L I.

Love the tree!

When the tree arrived I was rather nervous since it looked like a dead stick. But even before we planted it there were a few little green sprouts popping out. We planted it in the spring. The tree has grown a good 3 feet and has a nice full canopy of leaves. I couldn't be more pleased with the service from Fast Growing Trees or the tree we purchased.

Serena B.

Autumn Purple Ash

The trees arrived well packaged and in pretty good shape. All except for one tree did grow new branches and new leaves. Will wait until spring to make sure the puny one survives. Cannot comment on hardiness or color or growth quite yet. Remain hopeful though - they have all survived up until now.

Sean H.

6 month old

Have had the tree for about 6 months and it really hasn't grown a bunch. I think it has grown roughly 6 inches so far. I live in Southern California and have watered it quite well but to no avail. Maybe next year I'll get some more growth.

Planting & Care

The Autumn Purple Ash is a White Ash cultivar that's native to the northeast, and was introduced 1956. The fall season brings on a very decorative canopy when the leaves turn deep red, maroon and purple in color. At its mature height it can get to be 60-70 feet tall and about 50 feet wide while growing about 4-5 feet per year.

Choosing a location: Purple Ash trees are moderately drought tolerant and very adaptable to a wide variety of soil conditions, even soils that are heavy in clay, providing that the soils are well draining.

Ash trees are widely used as shade trees in residential settings located in growing zones 3-9 and do best in soils with a pH between 6 and 7.5. Be careful not to plant too close to sidewalks or driveways, because ash roots tend to stay close to the surface and can be damaging.

Male varieties of Autumn Purple Ash trees will not produce seeds.

Planting directions: Select a planting location where your Purple Ash will receive full sun to partial shade with well draining soil. You can test drainage by digging a one-foot hole and filling it with water. The water should drain within an hour and if not, amend the soil by adding sand or organic matter to improve the drainage.

1) Dig your hole and make it twice as wide as the diameter and just as deep as the depth of the root ball.
2) Place your tree in the center and gently backfill the soil until it halfway fills the hole.
3) Water the planting sight and allow the soil to settle a bit and then continue to backfill the hole with soil until it completely covers the roots. Water again and add more soil if needed as it settles.
*If planting more than one purple ash tree be sure to space them at least 30-40 feet apart.

Watering: Your autumn purple ash tree will benefit from weekly watering until it becomes more established. The best way to water Autumn Purple Ash roots is by placing a garden hose with slow trickling water at the base of the tree. Let the hose run for about 30 minutes so moisture can penetrate and soak into the soil to a depth of 2 inches. You may want to water more frequently during the hot, dry seasons or if the soil tends to dry out quickly. An ample amount of moisture in the fall season will put your purple ash in good shape against the winter wind and sun.

Fertilizing: Fertilize your Autumn Purple Ash with a balanced fertilizer like formula 10-10-10 once the tree has become established after one year of growth. Apply the fertilizer according to the instructions on the packaging during the summer months.

Pruning: Your Autumn Purple Ash will benefit from some occasional pruning, which should be done in the early spring season before the new growth starts. Remove any branches that overlap, grow upright or across from one another on the main trunk. This will help prevent any damage from branches breaking in high winds or storms and assist with the tree's structure.Prune off infected, broken or dead branches when you see them because fungus can spread from decaying branches to other areas of the tree. *Remove the problematic limbs following these three easy steps:

1) Make your cut a quarter of the way through the branch on the under side of the damaged or diseased limb, about six inches from the branch collar.
2) Now you'll want to remove the branch by entirely cutting from the topside one inch past the first cut.
3) The branch should fall away after the second cut and you can remove the limb's stump as a final step.

One of the perks of having an Autumn Purple Ash tree is that they tend to change before all others in the fall season. Not only do they have a beautiful decorative canopy but they also are more deer resistant than other trees.

Ash trees are also highly valued for their lumber use, primarily for baseball bats, cabinets and furniture. The addition of this fast growing, low maintenance, and highly decorative tree will have all your neighbors talking about the beauty, especially during the approaching fall season.

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