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#1 - Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon Althea
#2 - Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon Althea
#3 - Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon Althea
#4 - Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon Althea
#5 - Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon Althea
Shrubs & Hedges

Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon Althea

Hibiscus syriacus ‘Purple Pillar’

Long-blooming and low-maintenance

  • Unique narrow growth pattern is perfect for hedges, screens and decorative containers

  • Vibrant purple flowers last throughout the summer and into fall

  • Easy to care for, cold-hardy and disease-resistant

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Columns of Long-Lasting Purple Blooms 

The Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon is a magnificent addition to any garden or landscape. Renowned for its striking vertical growth and stunning floral display, this exceptional, space-saving cultivar delivers beauty to outdoor spaces.

Boasting a unique upright stature, the 'Purple Pillar®' stands tall, reaching heights of up to 15 feet while maintaining a slender, columnar form. Its dense foliage of deep green leaves provides a lush backdrop for the star of the show—lavish, purple blossoms. In mid to late summer, clusters of large, vibrant purple flowers adorn the branches, creating a spectacle of color and charm. These blossoms attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds, enhancing the biodiversity of your garden.

The 'Purple Pillar®' is also a low-maintenance and adaptable plant. This hardy shrub is disease-resistant, cold-hardy, and drought-tolerant once established, making it a resilient choice for various climates. Plus, you can expect your 'Purple Pillar®' to produce heavy blooms throughout a long blooming period of summer through fall.

Ideal for use as a focal point in landscapes, the 'Purple Pillar®' can also be incorporated into narrow hedges, screens, formal gardens, entryways, and decorative containers. Its vertical growth habit makes it a space-saving option for urban gardens or smaller areas where traditional shrubs may not fit. Add a touch of elegance and a pop of stunning purple to your garden with the Purple Pillar® Rose of Sharon today!

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Product Details

    Mature Height:15 ft.
    Mature Width:5 ft.
    Sunlight:Full-Partial Sun
    Growth Rate:Moderate
    Botanical Name:Hibiscus syriacus ‘Purple Pillar’
    Does Not Ship To:AZ,OR
    Grows Well In Zones:5-9 outdoors
    grow zone map

    Growing Zones: 5-9 outdoors

    (hardy down to -10℉)

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