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best sellerLeyland Cypress Tree
Growing Zones 6-10

Leyland Cypress Tree

596 reviews
Starting at $24.95
best sellerAutumn Blaze® Red Maple Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Autumn Blaze® Red Maple Tree

734 reviews
Starting at $139.95Buy 1, Get 1
best sellerThuja Green Giant
Growing Zones 5-8

Thuja Green Giant

2611 reviews
Starting at $19.95Up to 56% OFF
Red Sunset® Maple Tree
Growing Zones 4-9

Red Sunset® Maple Tree

198 reviews
Starting at $124.95
best sellerHoneycrisp™ Apple Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Honeycrisp™ Apple Tree

337 reviews
Starting at $179.95Buy 1, Get 1
best sellerPhenomenal™ Lavender Plant
Growing Zones 5-9

Phenomenal™ Lavender Plant

299 reviews
Starting at $39.95
best sellerArbequina Olive Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Arbequina Olive Tree

447 reviews
Starting at $87.95
Hass Avocado Tree
Growing Zones 9-11

Hass Avocado Tree

674 reviews
Starting at $149.95
Sugar Maple Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Sugar Maple Tree

109 reviews
Starting at $139.95Up to 17% OFF
best sellerTaylor Juniper Tree
Growing Zones 3-9

Taylor Juniper Tree

101 reviews
Starting at $99.95Up to 10% OFF
best sellerWhite Dogwood
Growing Zones 5-8

White Dogwood

299 reviews
Starting at $134.95Up to 25% OFF
Fruit Cocktail Tree
Growing Zones 6-9

Fruit Cocktail Tree

215 reviews
Starting at $229.95Up to 12% OFF
best sellerTulip Poplar
Growing Zones 4-9

Tulip Poplar

244 reviews
Starting at $104.95
best sellerEmerald Green Arborvitae
Growing Zones 3-8

Emerald Green Arborvitae

621 reviews
Starting at $19.95Up to 25% OFF
best sellerRainier Cherry Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Rainier Cherry Tree

128 reviews
Starting at $169.95Up to 16% OFF
best sellerBing Cherry Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Bing Cherry Tree

285 reviews
Starting at $109.95Buy 1, Get 1
Granny Smith Apple Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Granny Smith Apple Tree

134 reviews
Starting at $119.95Up to 19% OFF
Fuji Apple Tree
Growing Zones 4-8

Fuji Apple Tree

133 reviews
Starting at $124.95Up to 23% OFF
Red Twig Dogwood Shrub
Growing Zones 2-8

Red Twig Dogwood Shrub

231 reviews
Starting at $40.95Up to 4% OFF
best sellerWeeping Willow
Growing Zones 4-9

Weeping Willow

550 reviews
Starting at $119.95Up to 17% OFF
best sellerQuaking Aspen Tree
Growing Zones 2-7

Quaking Aspen Tree

79 reviews
Starting at $279.95
best sellerPink Lemonade Blueberry Bush
Growing Zones 4-8

Pink Lemonade Blueberry Bush

146 reviews
Starting at $50.95Up to 32% OFF
best sellerDouble Knock Out® Rose
Growing Zones 5-10

Double Knock Out® Rose

331 reviews
Starting at $24.95Up to 58% OFF
Gala Apple Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Gala Apple Tree

135 reviews
Starting at $139.95Buy 1, Get 1
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No matter where you live in Ohio, whether it's Cincinnati or Toledo, you can grow a stunning home garden or landscape. All it takes is a little bit of Ohio know-how and planning. From gorgeous Buckeye Trees to roses, Ohio is a gardener's dream.

How to Grow and Care for Ohio Plants

Ohio lies in the humid continental zone, which means it has a generally mild climate. Winters can be extremely cold—especially in Northern Ohio—and summers are relatively mild in the eastern highlands. The southern regions have warmer temperatures and a longer growing season.

Most areas in Ohio fall under USDA zone 6, indicating that the average extreme winter temperature for the location ranges between -10 and 0 Fahrenheit. You'll have a handsome garden in no time if you select flowers, shrubs, and trees that can survive this temperature range.

Before you get started, we recommend testing your soil. Ohio is diverse in soil types, reflecting its geographic history and topography. In Ohio, Miamian is the most common soil. It is deep and moderately well-draining.

Types of Ohio Plants

Perennials: If you live in the Buckeye State and want color year after year, try these no-fuss perennials: Verbena Purple Homestead, Russian Sage, and Magnus Coneflower (Echinacea).

If you’re a gardener who prefers natives, keep watch for these stunning Ohio perennials: Bee Balm, Blue False Indigo, Blue Vervain, and Butterfly Weed.

Russian Sage is a low-maintenance perennial with purple blooms

See our Ohio native plants for sale to turn your home garden into the jewel of your neighborhood.

Shrubs: A few shrubs we recommend for Ohio gardens are the Stiletto Rose, Pugster White Butterfly Bush, and Lynwood Gold Forsythia Shrub.

If you prefer native Ohio shrubs, you’re in luck. Ohio has numerous well-loved native shrubs to choose from. Consider planting Fame Azalea, Rosebay Rhododendron, Blueberries, brambles, and Bottlebrush Buckeye.

Trees: Hardy favorites are the Lombardy, Hybrid Poplar, and Red Maples. If you want a tree that is great for planting in rows to form a windbreaker or to increase privacy, check out Juniper Wichita Blue. This unusual plant has year-round blue-gray foliage and makes an excellent hedgerow plant. Fast growing trees in Ohio that residents love are Slippery Elm, Yellow Poplar, and Tree-of-Heaven.

Native Ohio trees to consider are Black Gum, Eastern Redbud, Crabapple, or the state tree, THE Ohio Buckeye.

Crabapple trees are a beautiful flowering native tree

Ready to plant a beautiful tree? Check out our Ohio trees for sale.

Common Questions About Ohio Plants

What planting zone is Ohio?

The Buckeye State USDA hardiness zones are 5 through 7. Cincinnati and Columbus are in zone 6, while Cleveland is in zone 7.

When to plant a garden in Ohio?

Wait until after the last frost to plant your garden in Ohio. Broadly, this translates to late April or early May. For Ohio’s largest cities, the optimal times to plant are mid-April for Cleveland and late April for Cincinnati and Columbus.

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