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Trees & Shrubs for Nevada

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Plants perfect for Nevada

Nevada Trees

Nevada inhabitants on the look out for fast growing trees to add a shade canopy to their residential landscape, or hardy trees and shrubs that offer a host of vibrant color will find it all at Fast Growing Trees Nursery wherever you live, from Denio to Las Vegas or Reno to Ely.

The Sagebrush State enjoys a range of varied topography and elevation, which is an important consideration when you are designing a natural landscape. Because you want to maximize your tree’s growth and survival chances with the minimum of maintenance, trees should be chosen to match your residential site’s soil types, temperatures and moisture and light levels.

The Best Trees for Planting in Nevada

Nevada enjoys a dry and sunny climate with daily temperatures varying widely from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 69 degrees from January to July. The Sagebrush State has a variety of plant hardiness zones ranging from 5 in the northern regions, through to 8 in the southern areas.

The Norway and Dwarf Alberta Spruce are great for Nevada’s cooler regions, while the Gingko, White Dogwood and Jane Magnolia can add a palate of color to the milder regions. Don’t forget the Scarlet and Crimson Maples when you want a blaze of fall color in your garden. Nevada fruit growers will love our Gala Apples, Black Tartarian Cherries, Key Limes and Red Haven Peaches.

If you’re looking to increase the privacy of your property, consider planting a row of Thuja Emerald Green, American Holly or Drought Free Evergreens. These fast growing, feathery evergreens will enhance the beauty of your property’s boundary with their year-round dark green color, while adding a sense of security. Whether you live in the Great Basin, Sierra Nevada, the Columbia Plateau, the Mohave Desert or the Colorado Desert, at the Fast Growing Trees Nursery we have trees and shrubs to suit your needs.

Nevada’s state tree is the Bristlecone Pine. This unusual tree is long living and is only found in six states in the southwestern US. It reaches height between 16 and 49 feet with a diameter between 8 and 11 feet. It has distinctive, bright orange bark and produces evergreen needles 2-4 inches long.

Orovada is Nevada’s state soil
. It covers more than 360,000 acres throughout northern Nevada. It is a fertile soul and is generally considered to be prime farmland. It is a great soil for cultivating trees and herbs. If necessary you can amend your soil with manures, grass clippings and other organic matter to ensure your trees stay healthy and grow fast.

Nevada natural landscapes are often a mixture of hardy shade trees and flowering trees and shrubs that thrive in the Sagebrush State as well as fruit trees and evergreens. Choosing trees that can adapt to your climate zone and soil types with make your landscape easier to care for.


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