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Chinese Pistache Tree

Chinese Pistache Tree
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 6-10 outdoors

(hardy down to 0℉) 
      6-10 outdoors
   Map 6-10 outdoors
Mature Height:
25-35 ft.
Mature Width:
25-35 ft.
Full Sun
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Pistachia Chinensis
Does Not Ship To:

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Product Description

Brightens any landscape with amazing fall color

The Chinese Pistache is spreading like wildfire because their blazing fall foliage can’t be matched. While other trees are colorless and entering dormancy, the Chinese Pistache is shining bright with multiple shades of reds, oranges and yellows.

These vivid trees will be the talk of the neighborhood because they will outshine all of the dull trees in your neighbor’s yards with their stunning color and beautiful, thick rounded canopies. Plus, unlike maples, they have a unique exotic look, with pairs of long slender leaves. 

In the spring and summer their canopies are filled with lush green leaves that will create a nice shaded area in your yard to relax under. A well-placed Chinese Pistache tree will shade the driveway or home to relieve sweltering summer heat. 

By producing ornamental red berries in the fall Chinese Pistache trees become a must have for wildlife enthusiasts because they attract a variety of songbirds to flock to the tree. They’re entertaining to watch as they hop from branch to branch.  

Urban landscapers can’t get enough of these trees because their high level of tolerance for pollution and smog allows them to be planted anywhere, even in large cities. They’re also drought and heat tolerant and will adapt to a variety of poor soils, even if they are sandy or rocky. 

Chinese Pistache trees are commonly found in neighborhoods, close to homes because they are medium sized trees. By only growing to 25 to 35 feet tall they become large enough to make a bold statement in your landscape, but won’t take it over. 

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Jeremy S.
United States

Great Tree!

Tree arrived earlier than expected. The directions provided were very easy to follow. The tree is coming out of its dormant state and sprouting leaves all over. Awesome tree!!!

Jeremy S. verified customer review of Chinese Pistache Tree
Martha S.
United States

Chinese pistachio tree

It looks great, putting on lots of spring leaves!

Crystal Graves

Best trees ever!

My tree arrived in great shape as always! I pruned it like the directions instructed and now I get to watch it grow into a beautiful part of my property. This is the second Chinese pistache that I got from FGT, as the first one had sun scalding and I needed a replacement for it. Not only did the company send me a replacement tree, they sent me one bigger since the size I ordered was out of stock. Seriously, FGT is the best producer of trees you will find!

Linda Fitzgerald


We have four beautiful Chinese Pistache trees on our property. They are beautiful. However before they get to fully display the colors the leaves fall and the little seeds turn black and stay on the tree. I haven't been able to find an answer for this. Is this how they are suppose to be? We live in Texas

Sandra Foster

So far totally satisfied

Really am unable to review except to say that it arrived in perfect shape. At this point it looks like a large (taller than expected) stick in the middle of our yard :-) Will review after the end of the coming summer.

Planting & Care

The Chinese Pistache Tree (Pistacia chinensis) is a beautiful shade and autumn ornamental tree that has been referred to as a “touch of New England to sunsets” with their brilliant red and orange fall foliage. They have an incredible tolerance to almost any soil type. The pistache is also great for growth near patios and sidewalks as they have deeply grown root systems. An intermediate growth speed of roughly 13 to 24 inches yearly that performs best in growing zones 6-9 and will reach a mature height and width of 25-35 feet.

Choosing a location: Your pistache tree will benefit best from a location that receives full sun and a well draining, fertile soil. The trees have long taproots and need at least a 15 foot clearance from structures so their canopy can stretch out. Soil pH can be important but with these trees, good drainage trumps the soil acidity. To be sure there is appropriate drainage, dig a 1 foot deep by one foot wide hole in your intended planting location. Fill the hole with water, and wait one hour. If the water has fully drained, then the location is good. If there is water being retained, you may want to plant elsewhere or create a raised bed for the tree.

Planting directions:
1) Once you have found an ideal location for the tree, make your hole 4-5 times as wide as the root ball.
2) Gently comb the roots with your hands to free them up for the best soil contact.
3) Be sure to center your tree and begin to back fill the hole, tamping the soil down as you fill to prevent air pockets from forming.
4) Water thoroughly and spread 2-3 inches mulch around the base of the tree. Be sure not to let the mulch too close to the trunk to avoid fungus from forming.

Watering: For the first month be sure to water your pistache tree twice weekly. By the fifth week, monitor the soil and only water if the top one inch of soil has become dry. Due to the pistache having such a deep taproot you’ll need to water generously. The best way to ensure that you’re watering deeply enough is to place your garden hose next to the base of the tree on a trickle. Leave the hose running for about 30 minutes. The slow trickle will prevent the water from beading off and it will have a chance to soak deeply into the soil to reach the taproot.

Pruning: If your pistache tree is 5 years or younger then it will need some trimming to encourage its trademark umbrella-like canopy. Prune the top of the tree when it reaches six feet tall between January and February and this will force more branches to develop. As branches emerge, select one as the tree’s trunk, the other as a branch and remove the rest. The trunks should be left to grow another three feet and then prune those to 2 feet above your original cut which in turn will encourage more branches. Repeat this process until the pistache has a well spaced, symmetrical look.

*TIP* Pruning is vital as the trees can get to be a bit “leggy” in their early years before forming into the expected oval shape. Also be sure to rake around the base of the tree in the late autumn season to remove leaf litter.

Fertilizing: For pistache trees that are 5 years (or younger), fertilizer should be introduced during the spring and fall seasons. Use a nitrogen based formula with superphosphate if the tree has not grown at least 2-3 feet annually. Be sure to follow the application instructions provided on the packaging.

The gender of the pistache tree can be difficult to determine at times. If there are two different genders near one another, the female will produce unnoticeable green blossoms that turn into brilliant red clumps of berries in the fall season. As winter approaches, the berry color will change into a blue/purple that attracts a multitude of birds. The bark can be appealing to the sight as well. If peeled from the tree, it reveals a beautiful salmon pink interior color.

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