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Shade Trees

Shademaster Honeylocust Tree

Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis 'Shademaster'

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Perfect Shade Tree for Your Backyard or Garden

Why Shademaster Honeylocust Trees?

The Shademaster Honeylocust is everything you could want in a shade tree and more. Providing perfect, dappled shade with a classic rounded shape, the Shademaster Honeylocust Tree is highly adaptable, hardy, pest and disease-free, and thornless--very rare for a Honeylocust Tree!

It's synonymous with the classic shade tree. Though shade trees come in many shapes and sizes, there's something nostalgic about the rounded canopy of a Shademaster Honeylocust. Growing to a large mature height, the Shademaster is ideally sized and rounded, ensuring a timeless Americana look you'll love in your lawn.

And small leaves mean no mess to clean up in the fall. Other shade trees have huge foliage that leave a big mess to clean up in autumn. The Shademaster Honeylocust's leaves are small and delicate But though the leaves may be small, they still dazzle during fall. Turning from bright spring green to golden yellow, the transition of colors on these leaves are reminiscent of the nostalgic sights and smells of autumn.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

Thornless and seedless, the Shademaster Honeylocust Tree is effortlessly maintained. And the Honeylocust Tree grows anywhere. In dry or wet soils, polluted air, poor soil conditions, alkaline or acidic soils, clay or sandy soils, cold weather, hot weather, and even salty air - this highly adaptable, durable and hardy Honeylocust thrives in your yard.

But the best part is we've done the hard work ahead of time - planting, growing and nurturing each Shademaster before it arrives to your door. That means you get a healthy root system, top perks and good looks without any effort on your part. You get pest resistance, disease resistance, deer resistance and virtually no upkeep.

If you want a shade tree, the Shademaster Honeylocust is a go-to. Start growing your Shademaster Honeylocust Tree now - order yours today!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

Mature Height:30-70 ft.
Mature Width:30-70 ft.
Sunlight:Full Sun
Growth Rate:Fast
Botanical Name:Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis 'Shademaster'
Does Not Ship To:AZ
Grows Well In Zones:3-9 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 3-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -30℉)

Customer Reviews & Photos


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Verified Buyer

Love the tree.

Love the tree.

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Verified Buyer

Shipped fast, packaged great, and

Shipped fast, packaged great, and trees in excellent shape. I've ordered 3 different kinds from them and all 3 have been great!

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Verified Buyer

It's already grown a ton

It's already grown a ton in just a few weeks! So far we're impressed!

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Dead on Arrival and No Response

Horrible. The trees were dead when I received them. I contacted their support team and have not heard anything.

Fast Growing Trees Plant ExpertWe're sorry to hear about your concerns! We've since been in contact and the trees are alive but have begun to go dormant. This is completely normal this time of year and they will begin to push out new growth in Spring
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Verified Buyer

An amazing tree!

I won't shop for trees anywhere else! From the excellent packaging, superb customer service to (most especially) the extraordinary quality of their product, FastGrowingTrees outdoes even my local nursery. I've come back here to write this review on my Thornless Honeylocust which I bought and planted in August of 2019. It arrived safe and sound and was planted within a day or two. The first photo shows the tree the day I planted it (Aug 4, 2019). The second photo was just taken today (June 19, 2023). It's absolutely beautiful, no leaves to rake up in the fall, and I get many, many compliments on it from friends and neighbors. I've planted wild geraniums, tulips and daylilies underneath and all are very happily growing - and the dappled shade is wonderful to sit under. I'm planning to buy one or two Prairie Expedition Elm trees this summer to replace a couple of old trees which have, sadly, had to come down - and I have no fear they will be just as incredible.

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