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  • Bloodgood Japanese Maple for Sale

    Bloodgood Japanese Maple for Sale

    Bloodgood Japanese Maple for Sale

    Bloodgood Japanese Maple for Sale

    Bloodgood Maple Tree - Summer Foliage

*images shown are of mature plants

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'

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-t- Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit
Tree Planting Kit

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Your planting kit includes:

  1. Tree Stake Kit to help keep your tree stable, giving roots time to grow.

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  3. 2 oz of Root Rocket™ Mycorrhizal Fungi so your tree can quickly explode with new root growth.

-t- Planting Mix
Bloodgood Japanese Maple Planting Mix

Helps your Bloodgood Japanese Maple get established in a fraction of the time, become more drought tolerant, and grow faster. Here's how:

Beneficial Bacteria... It's like a Probiotic for your tree... creating an explosion of fine hair roots that vastly improves nutrient and water uptake.

Course Organic Compost... loosens and improves all types of soils while promoting proper pH levels. You get better drainage and moisture retention.

Microbial Fertilizers... including Sea Kelp, Yucca, and 100 other elements proven to gently feed your tree without burning the roots.

Use 1 bag of Planting Mix for each plant ordered.

Soil Contents
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The organisms will start to work right away supplying the roots with much needed nutrition.

The specially formulated Horta-Sorb® will reduce transplant stress and aid in water retention.

1 packet per plant

Root Rocket Fertilizer
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Tree Gator
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Growing Zones: 5-8
(hardy down to -10℉)

Growing Zones 5-8
You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

15 ft.

Mature Width:

15-25 ft.


Full Sun, Partial Sun


15-20 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Botanical Name:

Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'

Does Not Ship To:


Don't Buy Bare-Root Trees (learn why below)


All Bloodgoods are NOT the same... this one could add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

Your Japanese Maple is a focal point of your landscape. So instead of blending in... your tree stands out with amazing color. Landscape Designers love to use red because it complements an otherwise dull green yard. And you won't find a redder Bloodgood than this one. Its foliage stays scarlet for most of the year... rather than just a few weeks.  

A small tree that you can plant near your home, patio or tight places. Trim to your desired height or let it grow to its full 15 feet. The roots are well behaved; so many people plant Japanese Maples near their foundation to accent corners and angles of their home. They also work great for small yards, entry ways, accents or as property dividers.

Bloodgoods are versatile and will grow in partial shade or full sun. So you don't have to worry about tall shade trees nearby or shade from close structures.

Similar Bloodgood Japanese Maples sell for as much as $200, if you can find them. We are able to offer yours at an extremely low price as a result of our large volume. They will sell out, so order while supplies are available.

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Customer Reviews

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I have had this tree for over 7 years now. I live in zone 6. I have found where I have planted it which sets in all day long sun coming out of the east, south and west that my tree requires about 20minutes of hose soaking a day threw spring and summer otherwise the leaves start to look burnt on top. I am planning to put up a fence which will finnally shade it a bit and do much better. It is a beautiful tree even with some burnt leaves, I just pick them off. If you get this tree I would shade it a little otherwise plan on ample watering times, seriously hose turned up high for atleast 20 minutes each day all spring thew early fall. Another note the tree grows extremely slow. After almost 8 years mine is about 8 feet tall and 6 1/2 feet rounded, rounded isn't really a correct term it's shaping appears like a child's building blocks house - n - garages for their hot wheel cars. However mine is doubled trunked so like 2 trees in one. Also not very full or dense with leaves. It barely gives enough shade for my full shaded ground coverage planted underneath around the tree. Everyone compliments and inquires about it wanting one for their self.
January 1, 2013
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
It arrived in good condition but the size of the tree was far smaller than advertised for the high price charged. It will take years to reach any maturity and my recommendation is that you are better off to go to your local trusted nursery to get a tree for your zone that is more mature. Overall satisfaction is very lowZ
August 3, 2015
over 3 years ago
Absolutely beautiful tree. Needs little upkeep. Can be pruned if you want an airy look, or leave as is to get a gorgeous mound of red. Keeps its color long into the late summer. I put one in my front yard for a little privacy but not something that is overwhelming. It works perfectly for that reason
January 1, 2013
Received my tree yesterday
OMG, received my tree yesterday (I asked them to ship early). It is just beautiful and is already starting to bud. Great shape and looks very hardy. I will keep it by a sunny window in the house until we can plant (live in Chicago area). Very impressed, thank you.
March 26, 2015
Carol Stream, IL
Growing Zone:
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
I received two of these trees a couple months ago and they are doing just fine. They arrived in great condition and I expect them to provide years of beauty. I have ordered many trees from Fast Growing Trees and have never been disappointed.
July 28, 2015
huntingtown, MD
over 3 years ago
Growing Zone:
I love the tree. It has survived well and looks great in my garden. I was a bit concerned as to how it would survive being ""shipped"" but it came really well protected in a special container
January 1, 2013
over 6 years ago
I loved my little maple tree! I didn't do anything special for it -just watered it once a week. It was growing wonderfully until an evil gopher got it, I will buy another and hope it will look and grow as nicely as the first one.
January 1, 2013
I ordered the 4-6 ft tree about 3 months ago. It arrived healthy and had a beautiful shape.
January 1, 2013
over 6 years ago
Satisfied customer
The tree appeared DOA. Every leaf was dried up.
As per Pam's suggestion i waited to see if the tree was actually dead or in shock.
I removed all leaves, repotted it and a few weeks after leaves starting budding.
I have not yet had a chance to plant the tree because i am scared it will get scorched by the sun and breezes but it seems it is doing very well now.
Location: Bay Area
Growing rate and hardiness ???
July 27, 2015
over 3 years ago
I am not sure, at this point, that it is going to survive the summer, but if it does, it will be great. The very tips of the leaves turned brown a few weeks after it arrived and the only thing I could think of that might have caused it was the abrasion the leaves got in the shipping box. Now with the summer heat, some of the leaves have curled up completely brown. It's still with us, and let's hope it is come spring.
July 27, 2015
over 3 years ago

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Bloodgood Japanese Maple Planting Diretions

The Bloodgood Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood') is a beautifully decorative, cold hardy tree that has been known to add serious value to properties. These Japanese maples are commonly used as focal points or centerpieces for landscapes and appreciated for their non-invasive root structure. This moderately growing, full to partial sun lover is also fantastic for small to medium spaces as they only mature to about 15 feet tall and anywhere from 15-25 feet wide but can be easily controlled through pruning practices. The beautiful scarlet foliage of the Bloodgood is prized as it lasts most of the year instead just a few weeks.

Planting Directions:
1) The hole should be dug slightly larger than the root system of the plant, 2-3 times the width and just as deep as the root ball.
2) To help the roots establish themselves quickly, mix the soil with an organic compost (conifer bark mulch, rhododendron or azalea planting mix or rose compost) that is recommended but not necessarily needed.
3) The root collar of the plant, the ground line on the stem where the young plant was grown, should be level with the ground surface.
4) Back fill the hole and tamp down the soil as you proceed to cut back on any air pockets from forming.
5) Water the planting site and then mulch to preserve soil moisture.

Exception: If you have clay soil, dig your hole rather shallow, so that the root system is partly above the ground. When filling the hole, the soil should be mounded up to the root collar to protect the tree from drying out. (If deep holes are dug in heavy soils such as clay, the hole acts like a large iron kettle with no drainage, causing the water to build up, drowning and killing your tree.)

Mulching: Mulching around your Japanese maple helps to maintain a weed free area, minimizes water loss in dry conditions, and provides winter protection for the roots during cold frosts. The ideal mulch bed is a 2 inch layer of coarse bark.

Watering: The average amount of water supplied to most common lawn and garden plants should be adequate for your new Japanese maple tree. During the hot summer months, water your Japanese maple in early morning or evening. This will help protect against a condition known as “scorching” where the leaves appear to have been burnt by the sun, a condition thought to be brought on by watering in the midday sun.

Fertilization: Japanese maples do not require large amounts of nutrients. If your other lawn and garden plants do well, your maple should grow just fine. Any recommended fertilization should use a balanced complete fertilizer for shrubs and trees. This should be applied once a year in early spring, and if possible be applied just before the leaves appear.

Pruning: Your tree will need 2 to 3 years to become firmly established in your lawn or garden. After this period, you may begin to prune your tree if desired, although it is not required.

Planting & Care

Questions & Answers

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Why did you choose this? Store
We love the color and aesthetic look of the Bloodgood Japanese Maple. We’ve wanted to add this to our garden for quite awhile.
Kimberly P on Jul 18, 2018
I always wanted to have Japanese Maple but I love the deep red of this variety! Waited till I got a good price plus free shipping!
Tess M on Jul 14, 2018
We love the color and aesthetic look of the Bloodgood Japanese Maple. We’ve wanted to add this to our garden for quite awhile.
Kimberly P on Jul 18, 2018
Adriana E on Jul 17, 2018
I always wanted to have Japanese Maple but I love the deep red of this variety! Waited till I got a good price plus free shipping!
Tess M on Jul 14, 2018
Need color with a little height (but not too much) in area close to house. Like that can be trimmed to not overgrow area.
Danny M on Jul 9, 2018
smaller than american maple trees to accommodate the small "between two house" front yard.
Tianxi Z on Jul 6, 2018
Wanting to add color to backyard corner.
John R on Jul 1, 2018
Beautiful tree for patio
vickie f on Jun 23, 2018
Giztwiz on Jun 21, 2018
Height it grows (15 ft), can be planted close to foundation, and beauty.
Theresa G on Jun 21, 2018
I love the red leaves.
Marilou C on Jun 20, 2018
It will fit perfectly in the location I have picked for it. I like how it can be trimmed to maintain a certain size. I also really like the brighter color the leaves have.
RICHARD R on Jun 18, 2018
Excellent reviews and beautiful foliage color.
Yvonne C on Jun 18, 2018
Due to reviews and NO surface roots
Nancy C on Jun 17, 2018
Love the colors of the leafs,hope fully they come in good condition.
Trang V on Jun 15, 2018
Cant find them in my stores here in san Antonio texas.
patricia g on Jun 12, 2018
I love the deep red color of the tree.
Korin P on Jun 9, 2018
I love them...They are beautiful trees.
Tamela R J on Jun 9, 2018
Recommended any my landscape engineer.
Anthony R on May 28, 2018
I have always liked these trees and thought I would give them a try.
Connie F on May 23, 2018
The brilliant color and the fact that it is sturdy.
Ginger P on May 1, 2018
Beautiful color, small
Mary Ellen D on Apr 29, 2018
The color of this Bloodgood Japanese Maple appears to be beatifully vibrant. The tree also appears to be able to be left potted which is perfect for my outdoor deck and patio space.
Jeanne J on Apr 21, 2018
Loved the color.
Diana S on Apr 20, 2018
I've picked these trees to compliment and complete my backyard, as well as create some vibrancy around my Koi pond.
David L on Apr 19, 2018
Love the size and the color.
A Louis R on Apr 16, 2018
the color
Lindy D on Apr 13, 2018
The color is gorgeous!
Barbara B on Apr 9, 2018
I like Japanese Maple they are nice and beautiful in the garden
Amelia S on Apr 8, 2018
The color is amazing!
Nikki W on Apr 7, 2018
Small shade need
Anne M on Mar 24, 2018
Love the color it will make my front area. Pop
Ervin F on Mar 17, 2018
Beautiful for new home
Stephanie C on Mar 12, 2018
Wanted a showpiece for our back yard
Henry S on Feb 26, 2018
it is very beautiful!
CHONGHUAI L on Feb 22, 2018
I used to have a Japanese maple tree
violeta v on Feb 20, 2018
sandra J on Feb 16, 2018
just the plant for color in a corner
Alan W on Feb 16, 2018
I have never seen one, but I read very pleasing reviews about the tree.
charles w on Feb 13, 2018
I love the color and I can either plant it up front or in my backyard.
isabella M on Feb 11, 2018
Always wanted a Japanese Maple, for their beauty and grace - cannot wait to receive them!
D E on Feb 5, 2018
Color & size
Shirley B on Jan 22, 2018
To add a red accent to the white dogwoods that are already in place
Andrew B on Jan 14, 2018
We really like the bright color of this tree and the information about the roots growing straight down and being non-evasive. We are planning to plant this beauty near our back porch were we have a cluster of older trees so we need something that can strive in the partial shade of the nearby bunch. This is going to add great color near our back porch and will eventually grow up above the fence line for additional backyard privacy.
Amy T on Dec 26, 2017
Recommended by a friend ...looking for a small tree that would stand out .... and would grow in a shaded area
BRENDA M on Dec 3, 2017
Have one at my current resident and love the beautiful, vibrant color!
Brenda D. M on Dec 3, 2017
Michel D on Nov 19, 2017
I have seen this in person and its beautiful each time
Patrice A on Nov 16, 2017
Beautiful trees
Barbara A on Nov 12, 2017
The beautiful color and how pretty it is for landscaping.
Norah B on Nov 8, 2017
I wanted to add colors to my front landscape and the red foliage look really perfect..
PASCAL P on Nov 7, 2017
Adriana E on Jul 17, 2018
Need color with a little height (but not too much) in area close to house. Like that can be trimmed to not overgrow area.
Danny M on Jul 9, 2018
When is the best time to plant the Bloodgood Maple tree, in Georgia?
Odano on May 3, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Right now October fall time next year after winter you will see how already grow.
Is a bloodgood Maple disease resistant?
Tim V on Apr 3, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes maple are tough trees and disease resistant.
Is it possible to plant in a pot like in the photo?
Jessica W on May 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes - we had ours in a pot for almost a year. We just transplanted it into the ground this month.
I live in southwest Flordia on the Gulf side will a bloodgood Japanese grow here?
Linda C on Jun 29, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I live in a South Florida in zone 9 and according to the map it will grow here. Find your zone & match it to your tree. I bought mine a few weeks ago, so far it's doing well.
will bloodgoods grow in complete shade all day and how much do they grow in a year?
linda h on Jun 6, 2015
BEST ANSWER: They do refer some sun. They can grow 2 feet a year.
I have a 3 season porch. Can this tree be planted in a pot and kept on the porch therefore going through the normal winter freeze - dormancy?
Denise C on Jun 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: These seem to be very hardy trees. My trees with stood hot dry summer some issues with mites. They didn't put on any new growth. They've come on strong this spring with an abundance of new foliage. It over-wintered well after a rough summer so I think it would do fine on your porch.
I live in zone 5a and want a small 3-5 ft. tree that loves shade. Will this maple do well under these conditions?
vickie on Mar 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: They will need 4-6 hours of sunlight a day.
How close to the surface are the roots and about how far out do they extend? That is to say, if I want to plant shade plants under the tree will the tree roots crowd them out? Thank You.
Lee D on May 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: They do not have surface roots.
How does the tree do with insects ?
Teresa G on May 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I've had the tree for several years and have had no insect problems. Actually I've had no problems with it.
Will it be alright in full sunshine?
Charli on Apr 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes. i planted one of my bloodgoods in full sun and another in partial sun at the same time. The tree planted in full sun exposure is very, very healthy, and nearly 2 feet taller in just the 2 years since they went in the ground.
Does it loose its leaves during winter??? We live in California
Estrella c on Aug 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes , they do. They actually start losing their leaves during fall season but come end of winter, they start sprouting again. Make sure you plant them in a shaded part of your garden 'coz the leaves get burned during summer heat. I hope this helps.
Is this tree leafs always red?
Manny on Jul 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: For the most part, yes. If it gets a good amount of sun it will be always be red. One of our trees is mostly in the shade and it has a lot of color, but it is more a mixture f hues rather than all red.
How fast does it grow?
Jessica M on Jun 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: In one year, mine has grown about 1 foot. In addition, it is much fuller this year than when I got it. I highly recommend pruning the bottom branches before they get too big so that the energy goes into making the tree higher instead of fuller on the bottom. My tree only gets about 4-6 hours of sunlight per day in the summer. Overall, I am quite happy with it. I am in zone 5.
Should Japanese maple be planted in May?
Lois R on May 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: That would depend on where you live. I planted mine in March or April here in Georgia last year. It's growing beautifully, and I'm thrilled with my purchase!
Hi can I plant the Japanese coral maple tree in zone 7( Brooklyn, NY) and what month is the best time to plant them?
Norine on Jul 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I planted in Pleasanton California in April in a shady / part sun. Its hot now and I protected it in the winter and its doing great
is this bloodgood a dwarf variety?
Courtney K on Oct 14, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, I would not consider it to be the dwarf variety since it grows to be 15 feet tall and approx. 15 to 25 feet wide.
Can I plant this in a pot and keep it in the pot forever?
Lane R on Aug 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes but it's a lot of upkeep.
Is it Ok to plant in Miracle Grow potting soil alone, or should it be mixed with some other soil?
Martha N on Jul 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Mine is growing on strictly miracle gro and is doing great.
Is it a good idea to plant it in my front yard, 3 feet from my house foundation? I wont let the tree grow taller than 5-6 feet.
Siri G on Jun 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I keep all my trees trimmed that can grow big. Just keep on it to keep them little
this tree showed up as a preferred plant for my zone (zone 10) but in the description it says for zones 5-9. will this grow in south florida?
Deanna F on May 20, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 5-8. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
I would like to plant this tree next to my driveway...will the dropping leaves from the fall season stain my driveway and/or car?
Susan M on May 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The red leaves will not stain anymore than other leaves would. Wont hurt your car's finish either.
Is the height of the tree that you listed the mature height? How big is it when it arrives? How many days till we get it from UPS?
Dave S on Jun 7, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The tree we received was about 5.5 ft. tall I believe the height listed in the on line comments is the mature height. It took three days for the tree to arrive once it was shipped.
Does this maple tree survive snow and freeze in the winter months?
Brian L on Jul 10, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes. I’ve had mine for 3 winters in northern Utah, and I’ve never seen adverse effects on the tree from the winter weather. My tree is in the southern facing part of my yard, but receives shade at least 30% of the day.
I live in Michigan when would I plant this tree?
Terri c on Jun 11, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Planting in fall/winter/early spring, while they are in their dormant stage helps them get their roots, established without having to give nutrients to the rest of the tree. Also, with extra care you can plant in the summer, by planting in the evening after the sun goes down, so it will not get leaf burn. Giving it extra water and putting a 3-4 inch of mulch (keeping a few inches away from the trunk) to help retain moisture during hot dry weather.
Will they handle cold winters?
Scott M on Jun 1, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I live in upstate New York. The tree I planted 2 years ago has done very well despite our cold snowy winters. I did no preparations for the winter season and the tree is thriving this spring.
Bloodgood Japanese Maple Is okey to planting in Lexington Kentucky?
Bal G on Jul 8, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones for the Bloodgood Japanese Maple are 5 to 8. They are cold hardy to -10 degrees F.
Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
Can't it be planted in New England springtime, say May?
Deexx on May 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: We planted ours in springtime in upstate NY - we had no issues at all as these trees were hardier than the others we planted at the same time.
Under the 'care' section, it recommends a well-balanced fertilizer. Can you tell me what NPK ratio you would recommend? Additionally, if the maple is grown in a container, would you fertilize more frequently than once a year?
Courtney K on Feb 20, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Japanese maples do not require large amounts of nutrients. If your other lawn and garden plants do well, your maple should grow just fine. Any recommended fertilization should use a balanced complete fertilizer for shrubs and trees. This should be applied once a year in early spring, and if possible be applied just before the leaves appear.
What is best zone for growing?
Steve S on May 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: While I can only attest to how well my bloodgood is doing here in Lafayette, LA (rather than compare to other places and determine the best) the two bloodgoods I bought from Fast Growing Trees in April 2015 are doing splendidly! One of them has grown about 4 inches and is full of dark red leaves, the other gets less sun, has gorown about 3 inches and the color is more varied, but very pretty. I should add that neither of thes trees gets a ton of sun, the smaller one doesn't get any direct sunlight and is doing quite well. I hope this info is helpful to you. We love our trees, so I hope you have similar luck should you choose the bloodgoods!
What is best pH?
Jersey on May 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Before I planted my Bloodgood Japanese Maple I went to a private local well informed nursery and asked what was the best planting method for the success of my tree. We are in So. CA. and it was recommended that the hole be at least 3 times wider than the root ball and the same for depth. He recommended using a mixture of potting soil and a acid planting mix because our soil is very alkaline. I now have 3 Bloodgoods and I also feed them with a "Japanese Maple" food from the nursery and I have to say that it really helped intensify the beautiful red color. Hope this helps.

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