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Shangri La Mulberry

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Shangri La Mulberry

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Produces tons of juicy, tart and sweet berries

The Shangri La Mulberry tree is one of the most popular mulberry varieties, favored for their abundance of large, berries that are both sweet and sour. Each berry is over an inch long filled with soft juicy flesh that’s delicious and refreshing.

Shangri La Black Mulberries ripen all summer long, so you’ll always have irresistible berries on hand that are perfect for topping ice cream, adding to pies and for fresh snacking. Simply check on your tree every few days to harvest more black mulberries.

This Mulberry Variety is a favorite in the south and in urban areas with their tough, low maintenance nature. They are drought tolerant, and heat resistant so they don’t require time consuming care. Also, they aren’t bothered by smog and thrive in cities.

By only growing to about 20 feet tall the Shangri La Mulberry tree is the perfect option for landscapes with limited space. They can be planted close to buildings and structures without needing to be constantly pruned or maintained.

In the landscape this black mulberry variety flourishes as attractive specimen trees. They have beautiful rounded canopies with large heart shaped leaves that add lush color to the landscape.

The mulberries are a delight to watch over the summer as they start off with a slight shade of green before turning bright red, then fully black when they’re ready to be picked.

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