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Citrus Trees: Top 6 Reasons They’re Perfect House Plants

Citrus Trees: Top 6 Reasons They’re Perfect House Plants

Gardening can be a rewarding hobby year-round, indoors or outdoors. However, an abundance of plants that lose their leaves and blooms during the winter. How do you counteract the dormant winter season to provide yourself with beautiful plants? That’s easy! Indoor citrus trees. Here are the top 6 reasons why they make the perfect indoor houseplants.


1. Citrus plants are evergreens.

They provide beautiful deep green leaves all year. While other trees are leafless out in your yard, your citrus trees will still have all of their leaves. They’re even pretty enough to be used as part of your holiday decorations.

2. Feeling stuffy with stale winter air? Well, indoor citrus plants naturally purify air.

Why spend hundreds of dollars replacing special air filters every month when you can get a citrus tree or two to naturally clean the air for you? They’ll take pollutants out of the air, and provide your home with more fresh oxygen.

3. Citrus plants flower all year.

You can have the successful feeling of growing beautiful blooms in the dead of winter to liven up things.

Delicious Citrus

4. Citrus blooms smell great!

People spend more time indoors in the winter, and the fresh citrus aroma will leave your home smelling fresh! If people come over for the holidays, they’ll be amazed by how good your home smells.

5. Winter is the time for most citrus fruit harvests.

If you have your own citrus trees you can pick your oranges, pomegranates, and lemons right off your own trees. You won’t have to suit up in multiple layers and fight the cold to the grocery store.

6. Citrus plants are easy to grow.

Most citrus plants don’t require water until their soil is dry, down to 2 inches below the surface. All you need to do is place them by a large, sunny window, and they’ll thrive.

Top Indoor Citrus Trees

Now you know a few reasons why citrus plants make excellent indoor houseplants. But what about the best selections?

1. The Key Lime Tree is extremely easy and fun to grow in pots. It’s low-maintenance and adapts to almost any soil type. This tree will give you plenty of limes for margaritas, pies, or salsa.

2. The Navel Orange Tree is a must-have for those who love oranges. This tree provides wonderful citrus fruit around December and January, with oranges that are sweet and seedless.

3. The Clementine Tree grows extremely well in containers and has very fragrant leaves. They’re seedless and easy to peel, making them the perfect snack to take to work or for your kids.

Citrus Trees

4. The Cold Hardy Avocado Tree has beautiful, long green leaves. It brightens up any room and has a mildly sweet scent. It loves to grow in containers, and it produces one amazing super fruit.

5. The Meyer Lemon Tree is a hybrid between a lemon and orange tree, and provides amazing sweet lemons. This tree is active all year, either growing lemons or flowering. Order your Meyer Lemon and other citrus varieties today!


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