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What to Expect From Your Citrus in June

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Jun 05, 2023

What are your citrus plants doing right now?

By now, your landscape is well into the growing and flowering season, no matter where you call home. June is a time of transition for your plants, so while your landscape is still actively growing, you might start to see signs of stress, as well (which is normal)! Here’s what to expect from your citrus in June:

Keep Going, Keep Growing

  • Putting your citrus in the sunlight will help fruit ripen faster than leaving it indoors. If you haven’t transitioned your indoor potted citrus outdoors yet, we suggest doing so now to increase the likelihood of fruit. 
  • Beware of sharp thorns on your plants! All citrus trees will have thorns, and with flowers, leaves and fruit, they might be hard to spot. Keeping any eye out will protect you and your fingers!
  • You might still be experiencing premature fruit dropping from your tree at this time, but that should slow down as other fruits progress. Continue picking up the fallen fruit and remember—with time, your tree will be able to hold a larger harvest.
  • Plant annuals near your citrus to add color and mix up your landscape. Annuals will attract beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden, and in some cases, plants like geraniums can actually repel insect pests! 
  • Keep pruning those suckers and weeding around your tree. By eliminating competing weeds and plants (including grass), you’re allowing your tree to focus on growing fruit. This will make it easier for your tree to produce bigger, sweeter fruit for you. 

        Keep Growing

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