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Plant Care 101: Bamboo Tree

Blair Brown — Aug 08, 2019

Function merges with beauty, making the Bamboo Tree way more versatile and adaptable than many think. The Bamboo isn't just for reserved for design...it's perfect for privacy, fast growth and durable, long-lasting results.

And don't be daunted by its more exotic looks. We're here to help you get something new for your garden and keep it growing strong!

How to Plant theBambooTree

First, select the perfect area. It may depend on your variety (Black or Golden, for example), but in general, Bamboo Trees love sun.

Full to partial sun will be your target, and by that,we mean about 4 to 8 hours of sunlight daily. TheBamboo also acclimates best in growing zones6 through 10 or 7 through 10,meaning it's cold hardydown toabout 10degrees. So, you're not too limited when it comes to growing Bamboo since itcan grow in western, northern and southern regions.

Bamboo Tree

Once you've got your location and are ready to plant, dig ahole that's aboutthree times the width of your tree's root ball. From there,the processcouldn't be simpler. Place yourBamboo Tree, backfill the soil, and then water the surrounding soil to settle your tree's roots. Finally, mulch to conserve moisture and keep away weeds. When you mulch, avoid touching theBamboo's trunk and only apply the mulch to the soil.

Ongoing Care

The most important part of long-term care is watering,but theBamboo is relativelycarefree, soit doesn't take much. We recommend watering your tree abouttwice or three times weekly, but if you're not sure when to water, just check the soil.

Use your index finger and feel the soil about 3 or 4 inches down - if the soil is dry here, it's time to water. A slow trickle with a garden hose to water, until the soil is moist, is best. Also, if you're going through a period of drought, watering a bit more each week may be necessary. When it's colder outside or rainy, you may only need to water once everytwo or three weeks.

Once your Bamboo is established, or aroundthe third year of growth, fertilize with anitrogenblend. Apply this blend once in the spring,and follow with a well-balanced blend in the summer. Follow the label instructions for best results.

How to Prune aBamboo Tree

Don't beintimidated when it comes to pruning your Bamboo. All you need to do isprune once a year, in late summer or early fall, to prevent too much spreading. Also, we suggest removing anydead or weak canes to bolster new growth.

FGT Tip:Sterilize your shearing tools with rubbing alcoholso that your cuts are clean and your Bamboo stays healthy.

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