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#1 - Orchard Tree Care Kit
#2 - Orchard Tree Care Kit
#3 - Orchard Tree Care Kit
#4 - Orchard Tree Care Kit

Orchard Tree Care Kit

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Healthier Orchard Fruit, Top to Bottom

An easier way to grow apples, cherries, peaches, pears and more at home. This GrowScripts Orchard Tree Care Kit is designed to help your fruit trees thrive, from healthy roots to better blooms and fruit.

This easy-to-use kit includes everything you need for success throughout the entire growing season, with top-quality ingredients that consider the overall health of your fruit tree:

  • A double dose of 18-6-12 plant food fertilizer with minor elements formulated to feed roots longer
  • Two doses of essential trace elements spray, for healthy transplanting and increased growth
  • Two doses of calcium nutrient spray that including Magnesium, and Boron for stronger stems that support fruit
  • Plus, a helpful application calendar so you know which products to use and when.

This kit provides proven, safe nutrition for fruit trees, so you'll get delicious fruit at home, without the harsh chemicals.

Power your at-home orchard with our Orchard Tree Care Kit. Order yours today!


  • Controlled release NPK fertilizer: Sprinkle an even coating over the soil, every other month between March and July. You will not need to use all the fertilizer packets at once - use approximately 2 tbsp. for a 1-gallon container.
  • Essential trace element spray: Mix one packet with 16 oz. of water and spray directly onto your fruit tree's leaves. Apply every 5-7 days for yellowing leaves, or every 2-3 weeks for nutrient support in May through August.
  • Calcium nutrient spray: Mix one packet with 16 oz. of water and spray on your plant. Apply before and after blooming during the growing season. For everbearing plants, apply year-round every 2-3 weeks, alternating with trace element spray applications.

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