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Planting for Fall: Quick Tips to Grow Your Garden

Did you know that fall is the best time to plant? For most people, gardening is synonymous with spring: The new blooms, vibrant colors and fresh fragrance that arrive with the warmer months.

But that's exactly why planting for fall is ideal - you'll get all those beautiful benefits and more for the next year when you plant this fall. Andit's just easier, really. Why? Let us explain...and give a fewrecommendationstokeep you growing for seasons to come.

1.Better Weather

Fall's cooler temperatures are better for both you and your plants. The soil is still relatively warm, so your plants will have some time to get established before the ground freezes. And because fall weather tends to be more predictable and more pleasant, you'll have a much easier timeplanning your garden.

Plus,your young plants won't be as susceptible to a lot of the opportunistic crittersof summer.

Even better is the fact that youcan plant in pesky mosquito bites and bug spray.

FGT Recommends...planting up to 6 weeks beforethe ground freezes. You know your weather best, so it will depend on your local climate. Usually, you'll want to plant by early to mid-October for best results, though mid-November is a safe deadline.

2.Less Guesswork

Planting in fall means you'll only have to provide supplemental water when your young plants need it.

Because autumn weather can be quite rainy and cool, trees and plants that subsist on less water may not have to be watered at all.However, that summer heat can be hard to shake, so don't neglect your plantscompletely!

FGT Recommends...watering all your new plantings thoroughly to ensure that they get a strong start.Continue to water as needed until the ground freezes, tapering off if the soil remains moist from rainfall or if your plant is drought tolerant. If you're not sure when to water, just check the surrounding soil about 3 inches down for dryness and only water when this area is dry.

Planting for Fall

3. Stress-Free Planting

Fall planting means you and your plants enjoy less stress. Again, their roots have more time to establish and focus on bigger, better growth for spring.

So, you won’t see muchfrom your fall-planted trees and shrubs in the first few months, but this is where that whole stress-free idea comes in: This is actually a good thing!Any new growth won't survive the winter, so planting for fallis all aboutdeveloping those strong, robust roots for spring.

FGT Recommends...mulching to protect your new trees and plants. Plants get cold too, right? And mulchactsas a cozyblanket for your plants when the temperatures drop, creatinginsulationand keepingyoung roots protected from winter's chill. Mulch also preserves moisture so your plants won't dry out.

Plantingfor Fall

It's a no-brainer. Planning your garden, and fall planting in general, are both hassle-free, especially when you follow our tips. When you order larger trees and plants, it's even easier - they arrive with healthier, more-developed roots, which means they acclimatequickly and deliver results fast.

Grow above and beyond today...and reap the rewards, season after season.Check out a few of our fall favorites here!