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Pineapple Plants

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Elite Gold Pineapple

This drought-tolerant plant is great for brightening up a patio or deck. The Elite Gold is low-maintenance and will bear fruit even when grown in a container, so it can easily be overwintered indoors.

The plant produces a central rosette bearing long, narrow leaves with fine, saw tooth edges. The vibrant fruit grows from a sturdy stalk produced at the plant’s center, giving your garden a tropical feel. This distinctive plant will make a great conversation piece.

The Elite Gold is a perennial plant so you can enjoy its colorful beauty again each year. Its stiff, deep-green leaves grow from 2 ½ to 5 feet in length and the plant’s rosette grows between 3 and 4 feet wide. From the heart of the plant arises a slender whorl of up to 200 purple-red blooms. As the flowers fade, they set berries which then combine to produce a luscious pineapple. The growth stages are fascinating to watch.

The pineapple has succulent, golden flesh without a woody center. It is sweet and healthful. A pineapple never tastes better than when you’ve grown it yourself.

It will add color and a refreshing fragrance to your patio or yards, and give you a delicious taste of the tropics.