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Red Silk Pomegranate Tree Punica granatum 'Red Silk'

  • Red Silk Pomegranate Tree

    Sweet Flavor, Home-Grown

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 7-10 outdoors

(hardy down to 10℉) 
      7-10 outdoors
   Map 7-10 outdoors
  • Mature Height:
  • 15-20 ft.
  • Mature Width:
  • 15-20 ft.
  • Sunlight:
  • Full Sun
  • Growth Rate:
  • Slow
  • Harvest Time:
  • August-September
  • Year to Bear:
  • 1-2 Years
  • Botanical Name:
  • Punica granatum 'Red Silk'
  • Does Not Ship To:
  • AZ

Product Description

Heavy-Bearing, Semi-Dwarf Variety for Versatility

Why Red Silk Pomegranate Trees?
Its production and flavor are second to none. The Red Silk Pomegranate Tree is known for its top taste and high quality, especially since it can grow as a tree or shrub both in the ground and in a container.

So, the Red Silk is synonymous with versatility. Plus, the Red Silk boasts excellent pest and disease resistance, as well as drought and heat tolerance, which means low-maintenance care for you. And no harsh sprays or chemicals are needed for care. You’ll get fruit in less than two years, effortlessly.

Why is Better
But the best part about the Red Silk Pomegranate Tree is its origin story. Because we’ve planted, nurtured and shipped your tree with care, it’s prepared for the best possible results at your home. It fruits faster and thrives since the extra work has already been done at our nursery.

There’s nothing like a proven performer in your garden – and especially one without all the hassle. Order your own Red Silk Pomegranate Tree before they’re gone!

Pollination Info

Red Silk Pomegranate Tree Pollination

Red Silk Pomegranate Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Red Silk Pomegranate Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop.

Customer Reviews & Photos

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Before you plant, scout out a suitable location for your Red Silk Pomegranate Tree. Red Silks thrive in full sun areas, with 8 to 10 hours of sunlight each day, and in well-drained soil.

After you’ve chosen your location, dig a hole that’s at least two to three times wider than your Red Silk’s root ball. After placing your plant, back fill its soil, tamp down the soil and lastly, water to help establish its roots.

2. Watering: Though it’s drought tolerant and heat tolerant once established, you should follow a regular watering schedule during your Red Silk’s first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. We recommend watering once weekly. However, if you’re not sure when to water, simply check the soil with your finger, about 2 to 3 inches down. If the surrounding soil is dry, it’s time to water your Red Silk Pomegranate.

3. Pruning: Pomegranates grow as a bush or a tree – simply prune into whichever form you prefer.

4. Fertilizing: Apply any balanced organic fertilizer or well-composted manure during the spring and fall to bolster your Red Silk’s growth.

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