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Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit) Schisandra chinensis

  • Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit)

    Images shown are of mature plants

  • Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit)

    Images shown are of mature plants

  • Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit)

    Images shown are of mature plants

  • Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit)

    Images shown are of mature plants

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  • 4 in. pot

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 4-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -20℉) 
      4-8 outdoors
   Map 4-8 outdoors
  • Mature Height:
  • 15-30 ft.
  • Mature Width:
  • 10 ft.
  • Sunlight:
  • Full Sun
  • Growth Rate:
  • Moderate
  • Year to Bear:
  • Can Fruit the 1st year!
  • Botanical Name:
  • Schisandra chinensis
  • Does Not Ship To:
  • AZ

Product Description

Easily Grow a Powerful and Ornamental Superfruit!

You’re going to love everything about the Magnolia Vine. This plant has it all - it’s absolutely gorgeous, easy to grow, cold-hardy, smells great, and it produces delicious berries that have phenomenal health benefits.

The Magnolia Vine is truly a superfruit. Packed with Vitamin C, E, essential oils and important minerals, the berries that grow from the vines have incredible health benefits. You’ll be impressed that something that tastes so great can be so healthy.

Considered one of the top 50 essential Chinese Herbs, the Magnolia Vine berries have been used for thousands of years for a number of health reasons. Some of its uses throughout history include improving the function of the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and immune systems.

Also known as the Five Flavor Fruit, the Magnolia Vine berries have a unique taste that is sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and salty. Many people say the taste is one of the most unique and satisfying they’ve ever had. You’ll be eager to try it for yourself once your vine starts bearing fruit.

The aroma is fresh and inviting. The leaves of the vine, the berries themselves, the small flowers that bloom in spring, and even the bark all give off a delightful scent that is often compared to lime and magnolias - sweet and flowery, but fresh.

Magnolia Vines look great anywhere you plant them. Growing to 15 to 30 feet and easily trained to move in any direction, the vines will make a stunning addition to your garden walls, fences or trellises. With shiny, deep red berries and dark green leaves, the vine contrasts well again bright white surfaces.

After you’ve planted it, your work is done. Unless you want to train your Magnolia Vine to grow in a specific direction, there’s hardly any work to keeping your vine healthy. A little water is really all it takes to keep this plant thriving for decades.

Imagine all the ways you’ll enjoy your Magnolia Vine. Whether you treat yourself and your family to a fresh superfruit smoothie, or you let the berries stand out on the white picket fence around your garden, you’ll love the addition this vine makes to your life and your landscape.

Enhance your health and your home today. It’s hard to find a plant packed with so many benefits that’s so completely easy to grow. Order your Magnolia Vine right now so you don’t miss your chance to have such a phenomenal plant in your garden!

Pollination Info

Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit) Pollination

Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit)s are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit) will drastically increase the size of your crop.

Customer Reviews & Photos

Customer Reviews
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Bradley F.
United States United States
I recommend this product
So far so good

The entire process was excellent on the FGT side, but the Postal office lead something to be desired. My plants were delayed and after probably spending 2 days in 90deg heat with the USPS they were pretty haggered. I contacted customer service about one of the plants that looked extremely dead, but she told me to give it a good drink and see what happens. A week later this sucker has new leaves poking out all over the place and is on the way to a healthy recovery. The other perked right up and is doing great. Looking forward to training both vines along my balcony railing!

Patty J.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Magnolia Vine (five flavor fruit)

After planting them in my containers, I experienced unexpected below temperatures, and two nights of frost (in May). Because I didn't cover them, the vines began to die (I purchased two). I thought that they weren't going to survive but after removing the dead part of the vine , and the dead leaves, they starting to show signs of life again. The leaves that remained are perking up and it just looks better. I'm so excited to see them growing in my new food garden.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Magnolia Vine

We received two plants of magnolia vine. Packaging was very good. Both plants are in good condition. We put them in pots inside the house and we are waiting warm weather to move them in the garden. Thank you Magnolia Vine (Five Flavor Fruit) Review
Carl T.
United States United States
Slow Starter

It’s a little stubborn getting started growing. Have tried one in full sun and one in partial sun. The plant (6 inch)planted in the shade is actually doing better.

Kenneth K.
United States United States
Neat Fruit

I purchased 2 of these vines Hoping to get lots of fruit and be able to share with neighbors and friends. I have had a minor issue with them. first thing is they came in a box with a few other plants and were at the bottom of the box and everything else was on top so the few leaves they had were smooshed pretty bad and very wimpy. I had bad thoughts that it wasn't going to make it so I placed it on the back porch where it would get some sun bit not too much and kept it watered to see what would happen. I didn't want to plant it directly if it was going to die. well after about a week and finally a sunny day I decided to go ahead and plant them in the ground. well it has been 3 weeks since I planted them and so far they are doing ok. they look like they are about to exploded with new starts all up and down the vine., I can't wait to get my first harvest..

Planting & Care

Planting and Caring Guide

Planting Instructions: Plant your Magnolia Vine in a hole that is deep enough to cover the root ball. This will usually only be a few inches. If you are planting multiple vines, space them at least 4 inches apart. Make sure to plant your vine near a wall, fence or trellis so it can grow upwards. Add a layer of pine needles and oak leaks around the base of the plant to maintain the ph balance of the soil. Be sure to plant in well drained soil. To test, pour a puddle of water on the soil. If the puddle remains after a couple hours, amend the soil with peat moss and try again.

Watering: Your Magnolia Vine is not drought resistant, so be sure to keep the soil moist. If you have any period of drought, test the soil for moisture, and water as necessary.

Training: If you’d like to train your Magnolia Vine to grow in a specific direction, simply tie the vines with garden wire and bend to shape. Remove the wire once the vine has grown.

Shipping Details

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