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Kokedama Peace Lily PlantSpathiphyllum

  • Kokedama Peace Lily Plant
  • Kokedama Peace Lily Plant
  • Kokedama Peace Lily Plant
  • Kokedama Peace Lily Plant

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Kokedama Peace Lily PlantSpathiphyllum

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The Iconic House Plant...No Planting Required

Why Kokedama Peace Lily Plants?

It's the classic evergreen you love in a brand new package. The Kokedama Peace Lily Plant is grown in an eco-friendly moss ball and arrives with an artisanal bamboo stand...meaning no planting and no hassle. No wonder it's the hottest new introduction in houseplants!

Not only do you get the versatile Peace Lily, which grows in sun or shade, but you also get a trend-savvy addition to your homescape. Its coconut fiber moss ball offers an all-natural alternative to your typical plastic pot. And you won't have to deal with root overgrowth, repotting, or waterlogged soil because its tidy moss ball houses the healthy root system your Peace Lily needs to grow.

Plus, you still get the glossy green leaves and large white flowers that make the Peace Lily iconic. Best of all, with just a little light and water, the Kokedama Lily flourishes...even when neglected. It continues to filter the air just like a traditional Peace Lily Plant, freshening up your favorite spaces with ease in a smaller, sleeker form.

So, it's perfect for forgetful or busy plant owners since it looks great with little care. Its healthy, well-developed root system is handmade in the USA of sustainable organic materials to nourish your plant.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

We've hand-selected your Kokedama Peace Lily Plant to adapt to your lifestyle and needs. Whether you're a plant lover, frequent traveler, or simply a beginner with a black thumb, you get the lush good looks of your favorite houseplant without all the fuss. Your plant is delivered directly to your door, ready to place anywhere and thrive effortlessly.

This means no planting, no dirt, and no guesswork since the Lily's root ball acts as a built-in green thumb.

This Kokedama is hand-crafted based on a tried-and-true, ancient Japanese technique, used to nourish plants for hundreds of years.

Your Kokedama Peace Lily is ready to grow and ready to enjoy now. The only work for you? Opening the package and deciding where to put it. Upgrade your home with your own Kokedama Peace Lily Plant today!

Planting & Care

1. Planting: No planting required! Remove your Kokedama from its shipped package and style it how you'd like - with the bamboo stand, hanging macrame or in a ceramic pot.

When you remove your Lily, check the root ball for dryness and water if it is dry.

Place it an area with partial sun to partial shade (about 3 to 6 hours of sunlight per day).

2. Watering: To water your Peace Lily, remove it from its stand and place it in a small bowl with about 2 inches of filtered water. Water it when the bottom of the root system ball is dry.

You'll know when your plant is dry based on its weight - very light moss balls are ready to be watered!

When you place it, the water is absorbed up through the moss ball in about 15 minutes. After allowing excess water to drain, your plant can be positioned back on its tripod. Generally, you will 'water' your Lily weekly or twice weekly.

Keep your plant in its dish until you see bubbles.

3. Fertilizing: Though fertilizing isn't necessary, you may feed with an all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer (20-20-20) once a month, or fertilize with a splash of watered-down coffee or fish emulsion.

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Product Details

Sunlight: Part Sun-Part Shade
Growth Rate: Slow
Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum
Does Not Ship To: AZ
Grows Well In Zones: Indoors
Your Growing Zone: #
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Growing Zones: Indoors

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