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Cascade Hops PlantHumulus lupulus 'Cascade'

  • Cascade Hops Plant

    Cascade Hops Plant

  • Cascade Hops Plant

    Cascade Hops Plant

  • Cascade Hops Plant

    Cascade Hops Plant

  • Cascade Hops Plant

    Cascade Hops Plant

  • Cascade Hops Plant
  • Cascade Hops Plant
  • Cascade Hops Plant
  • Cascade Hops Plant

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Cascade Hops PlantHumulus lupulus 'Cascade'

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Fast-Growing Hops for Homemade Beer

Why Cascade Hops Plants?

The Cascade is an incredible, fast-growing vine that delivers the key ingredient to homemade beer. Plus, it pulls double duty since its thick, green foliage makes an excellent, function screen for privacy, driveway borders and beyond.

And easy growth? Cheers to that! If you're looking for a dense, green, creeping vine to add charm and seclusion, lift up your glass and say cheers to the Cascade Hops Plant. Known for its important contributions to ales the world over, Cascade Hops are underappreciated and often overlooked when it comes to all the advantages they provide for planting. Large, tear-shaped leaves flanked by the delicate, hops seed cones provide warm coverage whether draped over trellises, on fencing...and even on top of pergolas.

But imagine using the fruit of your vine to develop a homemade brew that you can drink, enjoy and continuously replenish. The hops themselves hang like little green acorns, just waiting to be harvested. Enthusiasts use them to counterbalance the sweetness of the malt and add a desirable flavor and aroma that only hops can deliver.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

When you order your Cascade Hops Plant from Fast Growing Trees, you get a tried-and-true performer. Our Hops are fully rooted for at least one growing season before they ship.

This means you are getting a significant jump-start - rather than growing from a rhizome or planting newly-rooted plants in spring, the work is done for you. In fall, as they enter dormancy, our Cascade Hops are trimmed back to the soil. This actually gives the roots an extra boost of growth before they become dormant.

And though you will need a male and a female variety to get Hops, the entire process is ultra-easy. In its very first spring, your plant will experience vigorous growth and quality hop production!

But don't wait - spring into action today and order your Cascade Hops Plant!

Pollination Info

Cascade Hops Plant Pollination

Cascade Hops Plants are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Cascade Hops Plant will drastically increase the size of your crop.

Planting & Care

1. Planting: The Cascade is a hardy, perennial plant vine that is easily grown at home when sufficient sun and climbing space are available. Vines can grow up to 20 feet high in a single season. Direct sunlight, easy access to water, a stable support system and plenty of room for vertical growth are necessary.

Despite their large size, Cascade Hops grow well in containers too.

Plant in well-drained soil and full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight), dig a hole, place your plant and provide support, like stakes or trellises. To container plant, select a pot that's about twice the size of your plant's shipped container, use organic soil, and place your Cascade Hops Plant.

2. Watering: Hops love water but only when applied directly to the root system. Water your plants daily, directly at their bases, in order to keep the soil moist.

3. Fertilizing: Hops love fertilizer. Provide your container-grown Cascade Hops with a liquid fertilizer diluted to quarter-strength. Start out feeding them with fertilizer that's high in nitrogen. Then when the first signs of hop cones form, move away from nitrogen-rich fertilizer for fertilizers that are rich in phosphorus and potassium.

4. Pruning: Prune hops vines once they begin to outgrow their trellis. Remove foliage from under one foot of growth on the vine. This increases air circulation and avoids the likelihood of pest infestations and disease.

Remove vine tips once the main stem produces several branches. In the late summer, the removal of lower leaves should be done carefully to avoid damaging the main stem.

5. Harvesting: Harvesting usually begins in the middle of August and continues until the middle of September. Test the cones in order to be sure that its time to harvest. To determine the readiness for picking, judge the cones by touch and smell. If the cone is too green, feels damp and soft to the touch on its scales, then it may not be ready just yet. A cone ready for harvest will feel papery and light.

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Product Details

Mature Height: 20 ft.
Mature Width: 10 ft.
Sunlight: Full Sun
Growth Rate: Fast
Botanical Name: Humulus lupulus 'Cascade'
Does Not Ship To: AZ,ID,OR,WA
Grows Well In Zones: 5-8 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
5-8 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 5-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉)

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