Meyer Lemon Tree

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 20℉) 
      4-11 patio
      8-11 outdoors
   Map 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
Mature Height:
8 ft. pruned
Mature Width:
3-4 ft.
Partial to Full-Sun (Indoors near a bright window is fine)
8-10 ft.
Harvest Time:
Botanical Name:
Citrus × meyeri 'Improved'
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

The All-In-One Citrus Tree for Every Home and Patio

Why Meyer Lemon Trees?

Meyer Lemons are different from the small, tart and acidic lemons at your grocery store because the fruit is literally a cross between traditional sour lemons and sweet oranges – yes, you get both sweet and savory flavors from each squeeze of this world-beating fruit! 

As you know, the fruit available at your grocery store is not chosen for flavor but rather shelf life – that is why the lemons available to you are small with very thick skin. Meyer Lemons are not available in grocery stores because the fruit skin is so wonderfully thin that it would bruise while riding in a crate – however, the thin skin is perfect for home chefs that want tantalizingly fresh fruit right off the branch! The thin skin allows the citrus juices to develop fully, making it the perfect raw fruit for juices, desserts and flavoring.

Can I grow it? YES, YOU CAN! The Meyer Lemon Tree has remarkable cold and heat tolerance so anyone in the country can grow it – if your winters get cold, simply bring your Meyer Lemon Tree indoors (or the garage) for the winter. Our trees max out at around 8 feet so you don’t have to worry about them out-growing your space. And when you bring it indoors, you can enjoy the jasmine-citrus fragrance throughout those long winter months.If your sun exposure or growing conditions are less than ideal, then we recommend you start with one of our larger trees. They're already at a heavy fruiting size, with well developed branching structures. Some of these trees have been grown for up to 4-5 years and have fruited for several seasons.  

Place your order NOW and have your own Meyer Lemon Tree delivered right to your door.

Looking for that unique gift? Look no further! It’s the gift that truly keeps on giving – a memorable keepsake to commemorate holidays, housewarmings, birthdays, bereavements – this tree will produce fruit for decades and every time someone picks a lemon they will think of you!

Why is Better

Are all Meyer Lemon Trees equal? No! A Meyer Lemon Tree from Fast Growing Trees is different:

• Our Meyer Lemon Trees are grafted to established citrus tree root stock which means they grow twice as fast, produce fruit almost immediately, and are guaranteed to produce “true” Meyer Lemons (unlike trees grown from seed).

• Our Meyer Lemon Trees are greenhouse-grown. We control how much light, heat and water the trees receive to ensure you get the best tree imaginable- many trees that we ship to customers already have fruit on them!

• Our Meyer Lemon Trees are grown in their existing pots. Unlike the violent process of digging a tree out of the ground, our trees are nurtured to full potential without disrupting the roots so you receive the happiest and healthiest tree available.

• Fast Growing Trees only sells the “Improved” Meyer Lemon variety – the only cultivar that has proven disease-resistant capabilities.

You’ve heard the chatter, now it’s time to try for yourself – this is the tree that so many home chefs have been successful with – start enjoying that sweet fruit immediately and order yours today!

Pollination Info

Meyer Lemon Tree Pollination

Meyer Lemon Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Meyer Lemon Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop.

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Diana B. Verified Buyer
United States

Lemon tree

We have not yet received it, so I can’t rate how much I like it yet!


Year 2 with my tree

My tree is looking good. It took a while for me to find the right combination of care and position to really get it going. This winter it has done better than it ever has. There is a heater vent near my tree so I put something over the vent that redirects the heat away from my tree. I water the tree but let it almost dry out in between. I mist the leaves a few times per week. It is in a sunmy window, but I bought a clamp on grow light and I run it about 12-14 hours per day. I also feed with organic citrus food twice per year. Currently it is filled with buds, blossoms, and fruits.

Charity Baxter

Good Produce but could be better pruned

I ordered this lemon along with a lime tree as well. I am impressed by their yield, but less so with their appearance. Of four trees I have had from this website in the past year, I would only say one is of an attractive shape, and even that one had a number of cross-branches which I don't believe should be the case. Nonetheless, I'm happy with the lovely fruit from both trees.


Lemon Tree Very Pretty and the Fruit is good to Eat

I received my Meyer Lemon Tree quickly and on time. I bought the 3 to 4 foot tree and to my surprise the perfectly packed tree came over 5 foot tall. I planted it into a 20 inch pot. In the summer it enjoys full sun on my deck and the winter it is in my dining room in front of the window that is sits in front of during the summer. It flowered profusely within a couple of months and started growing lemons right away. The first year I picked 30 lemons and more than half were large full size. Three blooms the first year and 3 the next year. The second year I had a little less fruit but they were all full size and again three sets of blooms. I will have it two years this March and I see the buds starting already. I was surprised that it takes a good part of the year for the fruit to yellow and ripen. I have friends with lemon and lime trees and non of them produce like mine. I have cut down most of the trees in my yard so this year I am ordering many trees to replace what was taken down and I am hoping Pam treats me well with my new order as she did with my Lemon Tree.

Family Magill

Meyer Lemon tree. STILL HOPEFUL...

The Lemon tree came quickly, well packaged, only one branch was broken, the roots were wet, and there was a small amount of soil. To plant, we used a citrus plant soil, put pebbles on the bottom, added fertilizer, and watered. We placed the tree near the western window, and after some time, leaves began to turn yellow and fall off. We assumed that there was too much water, although we did everything according to the instructions. We also noticed hot air blowing on the tree from a ceiling vent. We moved the trees to an eastern window, but the leaves continue to fall. Light is enough, there is no wind or draft. We assume it is an infection or a fungus. Why? One side looks much better and leaves are almost not falling. This is seen in the photo. The tree is actively blooming, but some flowers fall off without an ***** and some ovaries wither a day later, I artificially pollinate flowers with a soft tassel for a better harvest. During the day I spray water several times over the crown of a tree, but some leaves continue to turn yellow and fall off, and new ones do not grow. We really hope to hear recommendations. Thank you,

Planting & Care


1. Planting: It is best to plant the Improved Meyer Lemon Tree in a warm, sunny area where the soil drains well. Six hours (or more) of direct sun is best for the tree. Planting next to a house or under an eave will provide some frost protection. Remember to water the Improved Meyer Lemon Tree deeply once every seven to ten days in midsummer (newly planted trees may need more frequent watering until established), and water less often if it rains or if the weather is cool.

If you're planting in a container, select one that is 1 to 2 pot sizes larger than what it initially arrived. Fill the bottom of your pot with a 2-inch layer of crushed stone to improve drainage. Then, fill with soil, 2 inches of compost, water well and place near a South-facing window.

2. Watering: Allow the soil to dry down to 2 inches between waterings.

While the roots prefer to stay on the dry side, citrus leaves love humidity. Indoor Citrus will do best if misted daily, especially when you are running your heat during cooler months. You can also use a humidifier or fill your pot's saucer with rocks and add water; place your plant on the rocks ensuring the bottom of the pot is above the water line.

3. Pollination: For indoor plants, simply take a small, dry, fine tipped paintbrush and stick it into the center of the bloom. Swirl it around and collect the pollen on the brush. Go to the next bloom and repeat the process until every bloom has been treated. Do this once daily and don’t wash the paintbrush until after the blooms have been pollinated. The bloom will fall off naturally and the fruit will begin to form.

4. Fertilizing: It is also recommended to apply 2 to 3 inches of organic matter under the canopy of the tree to conserve moisture. An Improved Meyer Lemon Tree must be fertilized every four to six weeks from February to August to ensure a healthy grow cycle.

5. Pruning: Prune as needed to maintain your Lemon Tree's shape. Clip off any branches that are too long. Remove branches growing toward the trunk of the tree instead of away from it. This will maintain airflow between the branches.

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